Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer Evening Ride!

Hello blog lovers.

Do you remember the summer evenings, when you could sit outside garden  enjoying the last of the hours sunshine before night falls. Well today was like that! No rain, it has been such a warm, nay, hot day. A rather pleasant day at Christmas tree farm with my grandson and other small squishy characters from my toddler group!

It was very warm when we set off, and very muggy. An evening when you though 'Hmm, it looks as it could be a stormy night!" But there was no way I was going to take my rain jacket! I didn't want to tempt fate! The Old Boy told me the direction of which we were going to be heading and off we went. up the A21 and then......Cudham North Lane!

Just in case it did decided to rain, we were going to keep it a tad shorter, but still get a good workout while we cycled.  The Old boy flew ahead of me and I plodded along. I knew he was going to meet me by the Shampan, it was just a mater of how long I would keep him waiting! 

I tried very hard to keep going. I did take a quick breather by the Blacksmiths Arms. the aroma smelled so good from the open doorway of the pub. I jealously looked in and then reached from my water bottle, which by now was quite warm, and dust covered. Not the same as a nice long, ice cold Forsters! But this is not where my prize was going to be. It was either The Greyhound or the George. The Old Boy left me to decided which pub we should collect our 'trophy glass' of amber nectar.

I did my own pace up the rest of of Cudham North lane, I kept thinking I had missed the turning, Grays Road. It seemed such a long, long way from the Blacksmiths Arms! I felt sure it was a lot closer. Either that of it just seemed closer after having a 'proper drink' from here, rather than my luke warm plastic tasting water.

Eventually I turned right onto Grays road. At the end of this upward grind the Old Boy would be waiting for me. How far had he got, how long will he be waiting? Will he go and get an onion bhaji from the Shampan, eat it and not tell me about it? These thoughts was going through my mind as I cycled up to the end.

Just as promised the OB was there, waiting. He had been there for about 20 minuets by the time that I had got to him, apparently! But after that the OB had to have a free ride home for the rest of the way, by staying behind me as we free wheeled our way down.

I did tell the OB that we should stop at the Greyhound, but it was such a nice evening i told him to push on till The George, and there we can receive our 'trophies'

All in all a nice pleasant evening ride, a pint and olives with the OB to celebrate!

Here is the geeky stats!

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  1. You will be amazed to know that the route you took is very significant and went very close to one of my targets for the next Night Run