Monday, 16 July 2012

The Inbetweens!

Hello blog lovers.

What a summer we are having! It really is a case of getting our in between the showers, and if you are lucky then you can get back before it starts up again.

After I had finished work, and the Old Boy had finished work, the inevitable happened, the rain started. "It's just heavy mist" says the OB. But when I saw the wind blowing that heavy mist sideways and back again, I just had to correct him.

I think we finally got out just after seven this evening. We had decided to just do a very local short 10 miles, and if it really came down hard again then we won't be that far from home.  The Old Boy led the way, we were going to go to Bromley, I followed him up Southborough, then Blackbrook, but then he turned right instead of left! Oh no! Summer Hill!

I did say to him a few days ago, "I think I can probably get up this hill now days" He had remembered that, and as the weather was still with us, he decided against going to Bromley and head for Chislehurst instead!  What can I say......the bloomin hill beat me again. But I did get just over half way up this time, and I didn't walk. Well, I had to just walk past the pinch zone I had stopped at! I didn't want to get killed trying to get going again!

It was about now that I was wishing I had my Garmin with me! I am getting quite blaze` about when I take my Garmin on a bike ride, anything 10 and under, I don't consider exercise, its more like a pleasure ride! But now trying to get up this hill! I wanted to see if I had improved from the last time I went up it on the bike!

I thought as its only a short ride, a stop at the Tigers head was on the cards, but he rode on straight past it. Not only that but he carried on up the road, past Pettswood, heading for Orptington! "Oh no!" I thought "Its going to be knoll rise, or Perry hall lane" But again, he surprised me, we carried on straight, through the High Street and heading for Greenstreet Green!  "Ah, its going to be the A21 then home" Just a short ride.

Nope! from the roundabout at Greenstreet Green we turned left and headed for the turn off for Halstead. We were doing our Biggin Hill Route! We had already rode an extra 4 or 5 miles, up hill, and now he wants me to ride up to Halstead then to Biggin Hill. "Darn you weather, if you were typical summer weather we would not have done the Chislehurst loop bit"

So there you go, not a ten mile in between the showers ride today, it was about 26 to 27 miles! We did get back rather late, mind, as we left so late anyway.

I shall get the geeky stats off the Old Boy later to add here. Just for the route, and the miles, not the speed. He was racing up the hills in front of me!

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