Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Get Up, Get Out, Stop Feeling Sorry!

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For some reason this evening I felt very tired after looking after my grandson today. Even snoozing for a bit after the little darling had gone home.  I was wondering how the Old Boy was going to be feeling, when he got home.

It appears he was up for a bike ride. I on the other hand was feeling like I just wanted to snuggle under the blankets and have 80 winks! But sometimes when I feel like that and then go for a ride, I have a really good ride. I was hoping today was going to be like that.

The Old Boy had been busy while I was taking a nap, he had prepared dinner for when we got back, then he woke me up and said 'Come on Girl, lets do this, you know it will do you good" So to wake myself up a bit, I tidied away 'grandson chaos' swept up the days debris, and went up stairs to get my cycling gear on. Already I felt a tad better.

We got out side our house, looked up to the sky, in the direction that we was going to head, and saw the clouds building. Hmmm, will we get a soaking tonight? Neither of us fancied a soaking, so we decided on a route that is shorter than our usual route, but the general direction. And it still included hills!

We were going to go through Farnborough village, then up to Downe village, then through Biggin Hill with a stop off at the Greyhound at Keston. Only about 11 miles, still enough distance to give a good work out, and still with those darn hills. Getting up the A21 never seems any easier! I am sure it must be, because I can remember really struggling when I first started out riding, and I even had to stop at least three times before I even got to the PRUH, the local hospital! The thought of going up that road was filling me with euphoria!

It was quite cold out and I was glad that I had put on my long cycling pants and my jacket, even though I was working quite hard to get up the A21, I never felt over heated.  Maybe going up to Downe road will bring on a flush of heat!

The wonderful down hill section to Shire Lane is always a welcome rest. Now it's more hard slog, up to Downe village. My legs were feeling quite heavy, and I was still feeling a little tired and grumpy. The hill got the better of me, or at least my ladylike manner, as I screamed and yelled at the hill towards to the top.  The last few times I have ridden this hill I have manged to get up it, just stay focused, not even talking to the Old Boy, closely following my back wheel, just as today! But I lost my temper with the hill today. Grumpy Old woman, people, beware!

The site of  'civilisation' as I call it, that is the play park, put me in a better mood. The village is not that far now. But there will still be more up hill before I can enjoy another longer rest. The clouds looked threatening, and we were heading to the top of the hill. Normally this is where the weather would 'happen' all the wind and the rain starts at the top it seems.  I tried to pick up the pace a little bit more but my legs really didn't want to play ball.

I was quite pleased to see Jail Lane. I knew then that it wasn't that much further to get to the main road. Down hill to the Greyhound and a pint of lager. Maybe that will perk me up a bit.  I do manage to get quite a good speed going down this road. Even peddling out, I just have to sit back and enjoy the ride down. Of course there is a couple of blips to spoil the way to the pub, but at least I should have burnt enough calories to enjoy my refreshment.

We didn't bring the bike chain, so we were going to have to sit outside.  At least its not raining, although the bench seats were a tad wet from a previous downpour.

We decided to go straight home, the direct route, through the path that we came down on. We were both feeling a little chilled. Maybe it is this summer cold thing that is getting us lethargic. But maybe my excuse is the awful nights sleep I had last night. Just couldn't settle.

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