Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Very,Very,Very, Very Short Ride.

Hello blog lovers.

I know. I know! Why am I writing a blog for such a short, short ride. Well, because, to me, it is exercise. I started my blogs, years ago, with just blogging about a 1 mile run! Yup, thats right. Just a 1 mile run, to Turn Around Lamppost and back again.

There has been quite a few rides, that I have done  to date, that wouldn't even register on Bradley Wiggins Garmin if he was plodding along a my speed for 20 miles. But in reality, my little plod out this evening  was exercise! The whole ride was probably only about 5 miles long, if that, and goodness knows what speed we went today. Neither of us took our Garmins.

I was feeling a little jaded today, after having a very restless night, last night, and so did the Old Boy. The thought of hauling my ass up the A21 or even up the path, was not good.  "Lets just go for a pint up at the George" was the last suggestion that we both agreed on.  It was raining every so lightly, and the George destination was foremost in our minds after deciding that Chislehurst was a no go this time round.

This evening it was to be a direct route to the George! Even cutting across the common. The Old Boy had his Giant bike out, ideal for a little off roading. After a pint here, we decided to ride on to Keston. Now Keston is 'Up' hill. I normally ride down to the George from here! Considering its only about 2 miles, I shouldn't complain really. Even so, I was still suffering! We made it to Keston, another pint in the Greyhound. And I bumped into a friend I have not seen for a good few years!!

It was lovely, seeing her, her hubs and her little baby! Well, baby was a toddler now, (just incase you were wondering about the obscure picture up top, which by the way is not George) and was deffinately old enough to chose not to have a little squeeze from mummy's friend! When they are babies, they have no choice but to be squeezed and cooed over, and argued over who is having the next squeeze. When they get to little toddlers, and mummy says 'Go on George, give the Old girl a cuddle"  and little George gives the Old Girl a suspicious look as if to say "yeah, right mummy, you cuddle her!" then you know that you have left it too long to see friends! Kids, they grow so quick!

But I did have a little cuddle from another little precious girl. Totally friendly little thing, climbed up on my lap.....and tried to get my beer!, but she was just so cute. You can tell, that I haven't had work today, as I was just totally enjoying talking baby talk and having a little squeeze with the little people!

A nice little ride, and one that I thought worthy of a blog. No matter how short the exercise or bike ride we do is, the fact is,  we do it. Even when we are not feeling 100%. It doesnt matter how far we walk, jog, run or cycle ride, if we are not sitting on our asses then we are doing ourselves good. Be proud of that! Too many people are sitting watching mindless t.v. and getting wider and are blaming everyone except themselves. All you have to do is get up and walk, jog, run, swim, cycle, canoe! Just do something.

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