Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Testing Testing!

Hello blog lovers.

For those that don't read my other blogs, (and you all know that I just love chatting about stuff) I have been given a load of stuff to use, test and comment on. In my other life as a runner, one of my fellow running club members was asked if the club would want to test out stuff. Of course there was quite a few people that said yes.

I have been given two pair of running shoes, three running tops, a wind proof jacket, (a sports bra!,) socks, and a piece of gadgetry! The jacket and gadget I used this evening for my bike ride.! Let me say, I loved the jacket. It's a tad snug around the midriff, (I do like my beer and curries) but just loved the way I can fold it up and stick it in my back pockets and I don't even know its there.

The Old Boy has been busy, he is on holiday, but I have had him doing all sorts around the house and garden. But today, he had time to sort out his bike, which has been making peculiar noises and the chain been popping off.

He managed to get some parts for it, cleaned this that and the other, and this evening, while my curry was ruminating in the pot, we went for a short bike ride to test it out!

Up to Downe village, Jail Lane and then fly on down Biggin Hill. We were going to stop for a pint at the George before going hope to enjoy our curry.

His bike seems to be sorted out. I didn't hear him as he rode behind me, in fact my bike was probably noisier than his now!

It was a nice ride though, I tried not to get too hot and sweaty, (I had just had my hair done this morning!) but the weather was quite a muggy warm evening. My jacket stayed in my back pocket, all neatly packed up in the little carry bag that comes with it. But when we got to the George, after sitting outside enjoying our points, it did get a little cold. My jacket came in handy then! It kept the cool of the evening away, and when we cycled back it kept me warm, and the wind from chilling me down anymore, or maybe that was the beer that kept warm!

A nice pleasant ride tho, and some geeky stats for you. Unfortunately I can not transfer any info from the running watch that I am testing, as it comes without a usb port to upload to my laptop. Apparently that is an optional extra! Unlike my Garmin!, I love my Garmin! Even though its a running watch, when I upload to my computer I can change the sport to cycling! Even a blondie like me can do that!

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