Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Solid Ride!

Hello Blog lovers,

We are back on the road! The Old Boys bike seems to be running as it should, and he is back to nagging mode! So there is no more Mr. Nice Guy! But, he wasn't too bad, I mean, Naggy Neighbour has been worse, and so has Nagging Sister, when I have been running with them! 

Our route today, well, its the usual. I have a little challenge with myself, when I ride this route, and thats door to bus shelter at the roundabout at Halstead. I have been getting to the round about in little over 40 mins from my door. I want to be able to beat this. I have done it once and I know I can do it again. But not having pushed myself with the cycling lately, I didn't think I could do it today. It's something that needs to be built on again.........or so I thought!

Apart from zipping through the path with the bugs and stuff, something I just don't can't do! 1. because of all the flying bugs, I can't just can't stand them touching me, and 2, going slower means I can spot the dog turds and avoid them! The only time that I can really exert myself is going up the A21 and then the old A21, going past knockholt station!

It's all up hill! You all know how much I hate going up hill, especially at speed (or as speedy as I can go) the Old Boy was behind me, I could see his wheel every so often under my left arm!, He is nagging me to go faster, keep the pace going. I really didn't think I would make it in the time that I have allowed myself, after I looked at my watch when we crossed over the A21, but I kept at it, just to get a decent time to the bus shelter at the end!

This is my training bit, after this I tend to slacken off a little, although it is going up and up and up! I my tiny little brain cell of a brain, I have convinced myself that from the roundabout to the Shampan restaurant it's a relatively 'easy' ride! And strangely this has worked, or maybe it is an easier ride. I can remember the first time that I rode this route, I just couldn't believe the amount of hills that was the Old Boy expected me to climb. And now look at me, thinking that this section is the easy bit.

Very pleased with my ride today, weather was just perfect, not too hot, not too cold. Of course we stopped off for a pint, but because the weather was just so nice, we rode on to the George as well,  just after Usain Bolt won the 200m mens final. Well, this is what summer riding is all about!

Todays geeky stats. and I shall write out what the geeky stats says on the Polar RCX3 says, unfortunately the usb sensor is an optional extra!!!

Polar stats

         Steady state Trainin
          avg HR 109 (64%)
          max HR 144 (84%)
          min HR 54 (32%)
          764 Calories Fat burn % of calories 37%

There is some sport zones stats which I cant write down, and don't understand anyway!

  and then it says" excellent!  this long session improved  the endurance  of your  muscles and your  aerobic fitness. It also increased your resistance to fatigue."

A little bit of encouragement there then!

And now for my Garmin geeky stats.

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