Saturday, 11 August 2012

Loving The Warm Weather!

Hello blog lovers.

What absolutely fabulous weather! We have waited an age for our summer days, and then three of them come along in one go!  I just love, love, love the summer days.  Yesterday we had a relaxing day with our grandson. Spent the day at Eastbourne watching the free airshow, by the seaside! You just cant beat days like that!

Today, well, the Old Boy caught up on all those odd jobs that is always 'done when I got a spare hour or so'. Then after that, it was out for a cycle ride.

He said we shall go out for about 30 miles. But when he said head up towards Halstead then I thought, "Oh well, the usual route then!" But when we got to Halstead (and I must say, I was slower than last time, what with the head wind all the way up!) instead of going to Biggin Hill, we took the turnoff for Shoreham Village.

I do like this village, and it's a great place to visit! so much nicer staying in the lanes really. and he said that we will stop for a pint here as well!  There was a huge family there, enjoying being together for the day, and they were all at the pub finishing off their time together. Now this is what family life is all about. Getting together, being out and about, fishing nets, streams, dogs crisps and beer! Perfect!

After our refreshment it was on to Eynsford. I was thinking that we would end up in the Plough there, for our second stop of the evening, but today we were going in a different direction. On to Swanley village! It's a new route for me, and the Old Boy! How he just 'knows' where he is, is beyond me. 

As we were riding along he said 'Right this is all new territory for me, so lets just take the road going straight ahead and see where it goes, it feels right!" Well, we had no plane to catch, no reason to rush home, even Big Son was safely in doors, so we don't need to worry that he will be 'freezing cold' outside like little orphan Annie!

At the end of the 'mystery' road the OB said "Well, my instincts tell me to go right, so lets go left!" That obviously makes sense to me...........not! So I got out my trusty phone and looked on maps to see which way to go. Guess what!? Go on.....guess! it was left that we needed to turn!

Swanley village was our destination, in fact, we were heading for the pub that the Bromley boys and girls visited a couple of weeks ago, on one of the Wednesday wanders! I must say, it is a very friendly pub, it's called the Lamb Inn, some very nice people in there!

This ride seemed a lot nicer and not so hilly as going through Eynsford and going up Crockenhill lane! It is a main road, which is not as pleasant, but it was still a nice pleasant ride up!

From this pub we decided to end the evening at the tigers head. So through to Sidcup and then Chislehurst. More hills! But nothing that I couldn't handle today. Am I getting stronger? Well, I hope so! It's still blooming hard work!

Geeky stats, I think we can safely ignore the "max speed 85.4 mph" as I'm sure my Garmin had a hissy fit again!

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