Friday, 24 August 2012

Fast & Furious!

Hello bloggers,

Today I am writing about yesterdays bike ride! We got back to late really to write it up, and besides, I was quite tired after it as well!

The Old boy said that we were only going to go for about 20 miles. But also that he wants me to 'Pick the pace up a bit' to an average 13 mph! I know that I have a bit of trouble going at 12 mph, let alone pushing it just that little bit more.

Not only that, but it was still up hill towards Halstead, but then we were going to go down hill, all the way into Orpington. The OB mentioned the 'The Tigers'. I like this pub, it has my fav bowl of olives anywhere! The only thing is though, is the hill going up into Chislehurst,....after the hill going up to Crittals corner!

He was behind me the whole way, telling me how fast I should be moving, and whether I was on track for getting a PB at the roundabout at Halstead. A bit of a headwind too! So blooming hard work.  After crossing the A21 and riding towards Polhill a Lycra clad cyclists, who, shall I say was a lot maturer than me, passed me by and said "Good evening". He didn't even sound out of breath!

We turned left and headed towards Orpington now. Watching all the time trialers over taking us. I was daft enough to try and catch one up, or at least not let him get to far in front! Who was I kidding?! At least it took my mind off the OB's constant nagging. I was wondering if he ever got out of breath while cycling! Probably not when he is cycling with me!

It was mainly all downhill into Orpington, but the nagging didn't relent. "Come on, fast on the fast now" says the OB. It was all too just far to short lived, as the hill climbing started again. Up towards Crittals Corner. I tried my hardest to keep on going. Knowing that the Tigers Head was not that far away.  All my energy was used up getting to the top of Crittals, then there were more hills! The Old Boy decided to wind up the nagging another notch! I ignore it. I chose to get angry with the hills, I chose to......go slowly up the hill! Soon time to sit down for a pint.

"Keep on going, turn left, no going to the pub" The OB informed me when we finally go to the top. "You said we're going to the Tigers" I whined. "No, I said we were passing the Tigers" DARN it. He did say that.

"Our stop is at Hayes!" he said. Oh my goodness! That's miles away!.  But I kept on spinning my legs, kept on peddling my bike, and kept on going at a pace I was comfortable with! If I could have gone faster I did, but if it was too hard then I just slowed down.  It was soon all over mind, as I heard a slow hand clap from the OB as we approached the George.

We rode through Chislehurst, passing pubs, through Pettswood, passing pubs, and down Southborough, passing pubs! Now it was time to stop! "You have done an average of 13. something miles an hour" said the OB, "Great, mines an Amstel and a bowl of olives" I said.

Geeky stats, mine and the Old boys,

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