Monday, 17 September 2012

Just A short one.......20 Miles!

Hello blog lovers.

I do seem to be saying that a lot these days, "Just a short ride today, only 20 miles!" From way back in the humble beginnings of a bike ride to Farnborough Village, having my first official stop there, consisting of a sandwich and diet coke, and the riding back again. All of about 6 to 7 miles maybe be.

These days I don't even stop on the hills that used to make me puff out of my ass! My first stop, and only for 3 minutes is at the top of the hill at Halstead. By the way, according to the Old Boys Garmin, I got to the bus shelter in about 36 minutes and something seconds. I'm not sure, but that could be close or even beat, my PB for getting to that point, so far!  He left me have 3 minutes rest at this point, and a swig of orange squash, change of gum, and suck in some air! He is kind like that!

The nights are drawing in, the lanes will be getting dark, but I have my lights and my/OB's trusty head light. It lights up like a car! I will be noticed, but more importantly I will be able to see the edge of he road and so not ride into the bushes or walls!  When the cars come down with their lights blazing they sure do blind you for a couple of seconds! The light on the side of the road helps me to stay in the right place!

I always use the ride up to Halstead as a 'push as hard as I can' piece of road, and then after that, its a 'push if I want to' piece of road. It's where I concentrate on 'spinning' the peddles rather than grinding them. I think I know what that means. I try to keep a steady pace going all the time, push and pull back on the peddles, and try to get as much from the revolutions as possible. Practise for when/if I ever get cleats!

I can definitely tell where the muscles are working when I concentrate on my technique, but I just can't keep it up for too long. I have been doing 'lazy riding far to long' or at least using only half power! But the more I practise the better I will get. I don't think I will be enterering in any major races this side of my first 50 years!

The up hill continues up wards. Sometimes I get it right on the not so steep hills, other times, usually on the harder hills I just can't get it together. Then there is the occasionally car coming down, that just messes up my assent up the hills!

Getting to the Shampan is always a very welcome relief! It's all down hill from here now, more or less. And as it was still fairly early, (I must be flying through todays ride) then we decided to stop of at Hayes and have a quick one at the George! As we said last year, and continued to say all through the winter I think, while the weather is still bearable to sit out and enjoy, then why not! It's what life is all about, work, exercise, rest and play! I think the Old Boy, though, thinks its playtime when he goes out riding with me as it's so slow, compared to what he can go now days!

Geeky stats, I stopped my Garmin when we got to the George, which was just shy of 20 miles, so todays little 'short ride' is just over 22 miles

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