Saturday, 1 September 2012

Meet Me In Tonbridge!

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Well, for someone with 'rooted lead legs' I sure seem to be doing well to hide it! Saturdays me and the Old Boy usually go for a nice ride out together, but I promised Nagging sister that I would do park run with her this morning, so the Old Boy went out by himself, and I was going to meet him somewhere, en route, after park run.

After I did my run, I went home and then I rang him to find out were he he had to. He told me to meet him in Tonbridge. Now obviously, I wasnt to to ride there! I was going to get the train, there was no way I can ride that far from our house, to meet him there. He was already twenty miles into his ride.

So I rode to Orpington Station to catch a train to Tonbridge, where the Old Boy was going to meet me in a local cafe.  The ride to the station is only about two miles long, so was there in no time.  The train only had two stops so I felt comfy enough to sit down, instead of moving my bike out of the way for each station.

The journey didn't take long at all and I was there looking up at yet more stairs to carry my bike up (there were stairs at Orpington as well) There was a lift, but I thought it would be quicker to walk up. I came of the station and turned left, I was going to head for Jimmys Cafe, where the Old Boy said he was going to be. But as I was riding along, I heard a whistle and a 'oi oi' the old boy was in the cafe just by the station! Jimmys was full.

After a cup of coffee we headed for Penshurst! This is a lovely ride, with a few hills! In fact, each destination that we had in mind had hills! This is going to be a very hilly ride. Ridiculous of me to agree to come really, after running for 6.50 miles yesterday and then running again today! I must be mad or crazy, or delirious or something!

When we got to Penshurst our next destination was 'The Bottle House Inn' for lunch.'s up hill.  The last bit, just about 15o yards or so from the place, there is quite a steep hill. I decided that I would walk some of this hill, the Old Boy said that he would see me up there. I carried on walking, I turned right at the cross roads and then headed down Nunnery Lane. The bottle house inn is not down Nunnery lane! Thank goodness I didn't go right to the bottom. I rang the OB to let him know where I was and that I would be there shortly.  By the time I got there he had already got my first beer in!

After that we headed off for Edenbridge. Again hills! This was to be a theme today. You can imagine my legs now, they are complaining, my mood was getting more and more ....well moody, and I was getting tired. Maybe I should go to the train station. But the OB told me there was no one near by!

Edenbridge done, legs hurt, more walking, and then on towards Westerham. I know whats after Westerham, there are more hills! I know! We sometimes go to the pub in Westerham to enjoy an evening out on a Friday night. I know how long and how steep the hills are!

We decided to go up the hill from a road further down, in Brasted.  It's the same hill, but a much less used road than the one coming out of Westerham.  It's long, its steep and again I am off my bike pushing it. There was another cyclist's riding up the hill, him and the OB were slowing making their way up. Each refusing to give in first and get off and walk up I was walking up slowly, I looked up and saw the hill get even steeper! "Blimey, they got to walk now"  I thought to my self. Just then I saw the other chap get off and walk up. The Old Boy cycled on a few feet more before he too got off! "Men are human" I thought, you can see how tired I was just thinking that thought!

Our next stop was to be Keston, and the Greyhound pub. We turn left into Grays road and I know these roads so well. I know there are some hills involved, but I also know how long they are, and I know they are doable for me.

I rode on to Keston feeling a lot happy, knowing that todays ride is nearly over!

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