Friday, 14 September 2012

Driving Miss Daisy!

Hello blog lovers.

Today's title, you may be wondering why, or indeed you may even have heard or seen the title before! But that's what the Old Boy has been calling me this evening! Miss Daisy. If she ever did ride a bike, then apparently she will be riding like me.

I have no problem with that actually! Miss Daisy drives or wants to be driven at a genteel, easy, sociable speed! Nothing wrong with that! But my ride today, in my opinion, was nothing like what Miss Daisy would be doing! It was hard work! Up and down hills, even though I did try to dodge one! I think it would have been better not to have dodged 'Foo Kin Hill' commonly known as Crockenhill Lane. I shall explain more in a minute.

Our route today was up the A21. When we were nearing  Greenstreet Green roundabout I saw a group of cyclists, just ready to go join the roundabout. I thought they would whooshing on, going really fast, but I got closer and closer, and they were still faffing about waiting to join. By the time I was next to them they were on the roundabout, and then I overtook them! That's right! Miss Daisy here, overtook all the other cyclists! Mind you, I had to stop just by the petrol station further up as a flying insect had made it's way on the inside of my sunglasses! I was a bit worried that it might go in my eye, so a pull over to the left was called for! By then two of the cyclists that I had passed by flew passed me! It was inevitable really!

From here it was up to Halstead and then the turn off for Shoreham Village. As we were crossed over the A21 and headed up the hill, the two cyclists were pulled over in the lay by! So again I was overtaking them! No stopping for Miss Daisy this time!  Further up the hill though, as my old legs started to get tired they two other cyclists flew past me!

I thought thaty maybe they maybe heading the same way we were, and that was to the Kings Head, but when we got there, there were no other cyclists. After a stop here, we made our way to Eynsford. This is where the Old Boy gave me a choice! 'Foo kin Hill' or Swanley village' He said. Now, I can remember going to Swanly village last time. I knew that it was a dodge to get out of climbing up Crocken Hill Lane. But what I had forgotten about are the hills that we still have to do! Plus, of course, it's a longer route! The hills, although not as steep, they are still there, and there does seem to be more of them. When you start to think that it's the end of the hills and  you can start having a nice cycle ride the hills are back.

I said to the OB 'If I hadn't of dodged Foo Kin Hill we would be almost at the Tigers by now' He just said, "probably!"

Too late now, the night was getting  chillier, I was well wrapped up, nice and warm, two long sleeves tops on, and nice warm leggings! No getting cramp this time! I'm not sure if it is the cold that does it, if it is, it has no chance of getting me tonight! 

By the time we got to Bexley I was wanting to have a 'natural stop' so the Tigers was on my mind. I can make it there, it doesn't matter if we don't stop  'officiallly'  or not, I will be stopping here!

I just concentrated on getting to the Tigers head, up more hills, negotiating big round abouts and going as fast as I could possible go.  My legs were feeling very tired, it's not that far to go now! Up the last of the hills 'Lets go through the woody bit' said the OB. I like to stick to the road, but today I said ok, its only a very short path, but being as its gravelly it's a little harder work. I can see the pub and I can finally....make myself comfortable!

The Old Boy went into the garden. This can only mean one thing, we are going to be staying for a little longer than a natural break! Mmmm olives!  Refreshment sorted, we sat and enjoyed our well earned pint of lager!  Afterwards we made our way home.

On the way home as we were riding through Pettswood, I spied a group of runners. I recognised the running style of these runners, it was our Illustrious group 1 leader with some of our club members! They must have been really bad on Tuesday, as she was taking them for HILL TRAINING!  I was told, by our leader, to say that they were running very fast indeed! (I don't want to anger our Illustrious leader, so job done).  What is it with the fit bods that they need to 'do' hills?

Just a nice gentle ride home from here. I believe it is about 27 miles! I shall add geeky stats..........from the Old Boys Garmin, because...... well you know!

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