Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pleasure Ride - To The White Bear?!

Hello Blog lovers,

The Old Boy is going to let us have a couple of easy days of bike riding. I have a race to do on Sunday, its not a cycling race, (I am not that brilliant a cyclist!). Its a multi terrain running race. It's going to be quite a tough running race......and quite hilly, I have been told!

The Old Boy thought a nice easy ride out, a pleasant hour of so of gentle cycling. Well all of that is what happened, if you happened to be young and fit and have strong legs! Because the way to the White Bear is, yes you've got it, is uphill! Yes of course, the idea of going out on a bike ride is for exercise, get the old heart rate pumped up to what its normally doing, it doesn't mean that I can't and won't moan about it!

When the OB said that we were going to go past the road on the right , which takes us down to the pub, I though to myself "Hang about here, he is making this into an adventure!"  As we rode on past the usually road I wondered how far this would take us out of our way. He did say something about only riding for about 14 to 16 miles today, to save the old legs for Sunday, but this was uncharted territory, not sure exactly where this is going to take us.

As it happened, it was that far off from where our intended first and only stop was going to be!  The evening was getting darker, and for some reason this makes drivers want to drive a little faster, a little closer to us lovely cyclists. I think it must the the 'moth and light' scenario, drivers see the lights of our bikes and are just drawn to us!

I was quite pleased to get to the pub, we chained our bikes up outside and went in to enjoy a lovely pint! By the time we came out the sky was very dark. Donning our headlamps we made our way home, via Hayes, passing the George! Incredible as that seems! We really did pass The George! I think the call of my chilli con carne was just much this evening!

Yes, it was a hilly, and a good workout, but it was a pleasant bike ride!

Geeky stats from the Old Boys Garmin, (I had forgotten mine!)

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