Monday, 3 September 2012

Is Summer Back?!

Hello blog lovers,

Well what a day today was, the sun was shining, it was warm, and it felt like summer had come back. Unfortunately I was stuck in doors for most of the day!

But once me and the Old Boy were ready for the rest of the evening we were off. Our route was going to be to Halstead and then Shoreham. Our first stop was at the Kings, in Shoreham village. This is such a great little village, and the pub is just so friendly. I was 'earwigging' some of the other patrons of the establishment and heard that they had come from South East London, and Bermondsey, close to where I was bought up. It seems all the best people come from that neck of the woods, out of the smoke and into the stunning country side that is literally on the doorstep of London.

I wasn't in any mood for a hard slog, so no matter what the OB said to me today, I was going to go at my own speed. If, indeed, he did say "Get a move on girl, the snails want to get past" then I was just got close the old lug 'oles and keep to my own pace. If there was any extra energy to 'attack' the hills then I would attempt it, but it would still be in my own time.

The ride to Shoreham was uneventful, the OB did his best keeping my ass moving a bit quicker, with things like, "Come on, you're on target so far, don't slow down now"  We got there in just over 50 minutes from leaving our house! I am pleased with that, considering that the first time me and Nagging sister did the exact route it took us 55 minutes just to get to Halstead!

We were going to Eynsford after that, its all up hill. I was feeling tired so again I was going to push myself only as much as I wanted to. No amount of nagging from anybody will be me go any faster!

Eynsford seem to come quite quickly. Am I getting stronger, or did I just nod off on my bike? Now it is up 'Fooking Hill Lane' the lane that Nagging sister has renamed, the lane that I over took her on, and not just when the Old Boy helped me here, by pushing me past her either! But I feel sure that I was going a lot slower than I have done this before. Oh well, at least I am still moving! And I am not getting off my bike and walking!

Over the M25 then turn left to head towards Orpington. It's a lovely fairly downhill section, and this road is usually quiet as well, so you can get quite a speed going. I just love it.

At the bottom of here we turn right, then left and the right again, we are now on the Sevonoaks way, heading towards Crittals corner, more hills, and I know there were yet more hills after that, to get to the Tigers Head, and this time the Old boy said we will be stopping!

None stop all the way up the 'Slope' as the OB calls it, and none stop all the way to the Tigers! Made it, and I was still smiling.

It was a great little ride today, even though I was tired!

Geeky stats are from the Old boys gadget as mine needed to be recharged!

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