Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not Another Pleasure Ride?!

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Not another pleasure ride, that's what the OB calls it when I ride along with him these days! The man has become super fit! He laughs at Summer Hill, he scoffs and the twin sisters that at 15% at Biggin Hill, Bitchling Beacon, more like 'Puppy Dog tealight'. But to me, anything with inclines is a workout. Anything that has my thighs quivering like jelly is a workout.

Pleasure rides are when I take it easy, go slowly, smile as I slowly make my way up a hill, or maybe even get off and walk, and look at the views, the wildlife, a leaf, or anything for that matter. Anything that makes it a pleasurable. But I know that during the week, jogging and cycling are training days for me, they are to keep me fit and hopefully get me fitter!

Today's little jaunt was only a short one. The rain started, ever so slightly, just as we left the house. I really was not in the mood for getting wet and cold! The evening seems to have really chilled the day down as well. We left while there was still plenty of daylight to be had, about 6 in the evening. Our destination was the 'The White Bear' and beyond!

We wanted to just check out the route, and take notes for our Saturday ride out to the Ridge, or someplace secret that the OB is keeping to himself. No doubt it has some lovely 'bumps' to negotiate! We took the right roads this evening, no going through footpaths and bridle paths, and no turning left when we should have been turning right!

We made out way to 'The White Bear' I really thought that we would be stopping there, and then going back home. For some reason I had it in my mind that the Old Boy had said it was only going to be about 14 miles or so! I must be hearing things, or wishful thinking! The whole journey from when we turned down Fox road, once at the bottom that is, was uphill! It's Cudham North lane in disguise. Just gently slopes, and then a steep bit, and then back to gentle, with another steep bit to throw you off guard. All the while my thighs are complaining, they are wanting to stop, to get off the bike and walk back to 'The White Bear' Yes that's right, we didn't stop there! Mind you, I really didn't expect to! Its only about 7 miles into the ride! We never normally stop now until we have done at least 18 miles! But the thought of doing another 11 or so miles wasn't getting me thrilled with delight!

We eventually came to the end of the road, a junction! One way it said Westerham and the other way said Wallingham! Both ways looked arduous! Westerham, well that has that hill that we would have to do! and Wallingham, who knows where that is. The OB thinks he went that way on Saturday, but couldn't really remember, so I opted for the safe option, back the way we came and stop off in the pub!

We enjoyed a refreshment in the pub and then headed off in the direction that we came from. But we past by Nash Road and carried on towards Coney hall and Hayes.  It was quite dark now and I was glad of my headlights.  These are very useful for seeing the edge of the road when inconsiderate drivers forget to dip their headlights and try to blind you! I can shine my headlight at the edge of the road and follow the white line!

There was no more stopping off now, it was straight home, it was getting quite chilly. Although when we got into civilisation again it did seem to go up a degree or two!

Now here's the thing, I had my Garmin on, I even started it when I left my house, and I stopped it again when we stopped at the pub. I just neglected to start it again from here til when we got home!  It's just as well the OB has his super fandangled 'autostopping/starting' Garmin on his bike!

So geeky stats are again from the Old Boys proper bike mounted Garmin! (think I may ask Santa for one of those, underneath my Christmas tree this year)

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