Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What A Difference A day Makes!

Hello Blogees.

There was no waiting to 'get over' my fall yesterday. There was no, ok so lets take things slower again, get your confidence up, etc etc, it was just get straight back in the saddle and get on with it Old Girl!

So after a faily busy day with kids, nursery runs and toddlers. Plus visits to chemists and getting dinner ready for later, it was straight out. About 20 miles today, up to Halstead and then through to Biggin hill, with a short stop at a local hostelry! Closer to home of course.

The Weather was really quite pleasant for this time of year, especially after yesterdays horrible grey wet (and painful) day. So I was quite looking forward to the challenge.

The route took us up the A21. I found this really ok today. Ok so I still felt it in my legs, but I am old you know! I do believe that I am finally feeling the difference, even if it is getting up the A21 slight easier that I used to, even though I still find it hard!

No accidents today, I am glad to report. I know I was painfully slow, according to the Old Boy today, in getting up those hills. I just find getting up hills difficult, whether its running or cycling! Its something that I need to work on!

I did enjoy our stop at the pub in Keston. We sat outside, these days most pubs have this area that is heated to 'help smokers' go out for a ciggie with out freezing their asses off. But us cyclists appreciate this area too. I looked a complete nerd in my bright luminous jacked and wooly hat complete with head lamp, not only that but I was looking rather sweaty and 'hat head' is not a good look for me. So sitting outside, looking after the bikes was made even more pleasant by the 'smokers heated corner'

We arrived home, opened our door and the waft of the curry I had slowly cooking in the oven was a welcome and warm greeting. Mmmmm, curry......droooll.....arrrrrrggggg!!! OOps sorry, Homer moment. Not had one of those for a while!

So geeky stats, and just check out my max speed, whoo hoo!!, just don't look at the minimum speed!

Bike ride with Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

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