Saturday, 5 November 2011

What A Gloomy Day!

Hello Blog lovers,

What a gloomy, grey day it was today! I was thinking that maybe we wouldn't even bother about going out for a ride. But a bit of damp weather didn't put the OB off, so I just had to grin and bear it, and pretend that the damp grey conditions didn't bother me either.

It was just a short ride, compared to Thursdays ride at least, of 12 and half miles. But it was quite a hilly route.

We rode to the George in Hayes. Now the OB did say we were going to stay local, and ride to Bromley, and through that way before heading off home. But then he changed his mind. We were going to head on up through to Keston and then up and up to Downe Village! Again, like Thursday, I wasn't expecting to do anything remotely energetic, after all, I was saving myself for my run tomorrow, with my club! 7k, through the woods. And I know they are going to be very sticky and wet woods!

I managed to get to Downe Village, at my own pace. The OB said I could, there was going to be no racing today!

We had a pint in the pub there, and then headed on home. By this time it was dark, but still quite mild out. Half way down this road though, the OB had a puncture! Fortunately we have become 'honorary boy scouts' and are always prepared. But changing an inner tube in the dark is still a challenge! I was 'torch bearer' while the OB gave me tips and showed me how to change a tyre. If only he had done that on Monday.
I forgot to mention to you guys, I have sold my old jalopy of a bike, my old Raleigh, but before I took it to the shop I had to try to mend a puncture. which turned out that it was a puncture anyway, it was just me not using the pump right to inflate the tyres!

It was an experience, and it didn't take that long either! We rode straight on home, through Farnborough, and Locksbottom.

Quite a nice ride really, but then I always say that after I have finished riding!

I took my Garmin today, well, after missing out on recording my last ride, I shall take my Garmin on all rides!

Geeky stats then

Bike ride With Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

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