Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A wet, Horrid Day!

Hello Blog lovers.

I know its Tuesday, but I seemed to have come down with a bit of a cold, and the thought of running and coughing and spluttering in front of everyone one else was not very appealing. Sow I cried off from the more cardio run and opted instead for a leisurely bike ride!

It was a gloomy day, it had been all day, still, the rain can't come down all day can it?! Well, anyway, I decided to join the OB on a slow bike ride, nice and local due to the weather, of course.

By the time we had got from our house to Bromley town centre the rain was coming down quite heavily. But for some strange reason I was smiling, and so was the OB. I kept on having to stop to clear my glasses and that when OB said "I am quite enjoying this really" And I agreed with him!

I wonder if it was the fact that we had properly inflated tyres! The OB had bought himself a new tire, his 'Winter tyres' he called them. More road tyres than trail riding ones. But he also bought a great new pump with a gauge on it, so that we can inflate our tyres to the right PSI. I was quite surprised how under inflated my tyres were.

So there we are, a background story to what I am about to right now. The combination of autumn leaves, wet, wet leaves and puddles, dark, newly inflated hard tyres and me getting cramp in my right foot, lead me to 'crashing' my bike, again! No one else was involved, just me and a fence! My foot cramped up, I pulled on the right hand brake with is the front brake, I slipped in the wet leaves and crashed into a fence. Fortunately I was down a tiny path as we were heading on home, so I didn't fall into the road. No one even saw me, but the OB could hear me as he came back to investigate what had happened.

The OB thinks that I am just a menace on the roads, normally just to my self, fortunately! Still, its all part of cycling, isn't it?!

So geeky stats, and if you look carefully you could possibly work out where I fell off my bike.

A wet, slow Bike Ride by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

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