Thursday, 17 November 2011

An Evening meander!

Hello blog lovers.

I was hoping to get out earlier for a bike ride, get back home, cook dinner and then go for a chinwag with Naggy Neighbour. But things that I think will happen never happen the way I think!

So we started off a lot later than I wanted. It was only going to be a short ride today, up through Hayes, Bromley, Pettswood and home again. But as we started he had already changed his mind. "Lets ride up through to Keston" says the Old Boy! Flippin nora! Blooming Hills! Not a nice little meander as I thought. But, really, it is all for exercise. I am doing this to keep fit! I am riding and running my ass off (literally) to stay fit, get fitter and stay healthy! (and to eat whatever I like thses days)

So the ride up to Keston was, you could say, two differnect stories. Mine and the Old Boys. The OB flew up the hill. I his back red blinking light get smaller and smaller as I tried to keep up him. In the end I had to concentrate on my own struggle. Get a pace going and stick to it. A little ditty going through my mind to help me keep my legs spinning!

I got to the top of the hill and the Old Boy looked quite relaxed and rested by the time that I got to him. But from here to our first stop it was all down hill! My fav, whether its running or cycling. I know running I am still working pretty hard, but cruising down the roads at top speeds for the conditions of the road is just so awesome!! Great fun, and scary!

A quick stop at the the first watering hole, only about 3 miles into our journey, and then off to finish our ride.

We went down through Coney Hall. Again, a lovely long down hill section. Just cruising along and enjoying the unusual November weather. It's certainly not the norm to be sitting outside pubs enjoying a pint!

Our next stop was in Bromley. A great little pub with an area outside heated by those little heater things that hang from the parasols. A packet of chilli peanuts share between the two of us and the ride on home to cook our dinner

A great ride today, very enjoyable as usual. I'm so not looking forward to the cold weather.

Anyway geeky stats for you. I kept the Garmin running while we were sitting enjoying a beverage, just because I forgot to turn it off!

Bike Ride With Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

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