Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Beat The Weather!

Hello blog lovers.

Easing my way back to the fitness trail. Still feeling tons better, well maybe just a little achy from yesterday's run, but still, feeling good is good! So just to beat the weather we are only doing a short ride and sticking local as well. Just in case we need to cut it even shorter.

It had this, hmm ...... well I can only describe it as a slight dusting of rain. Not enough to even notice really, it's just that I caught sight of it in my headlight.

We set off down the path towards the A21 and our route was going to take us up to Coney Hall and then through to Bromley. So a very local short ride indeed. But it's still good getting out. I did get tooted at today. From an impatient driver. Now I am under the impression that on the "pinch zones" i.e. through those bollards, only one vehicle can fit through at a time. Ok so I don't have an engine, but I am a road user! A healthy and green road user, but I am sure I am entitled to the same courtesy, so why do blooming van drivers try a squeeze past me, it's not as if I take forever to go through said obstacles! Or maybe I should be riding up close and personal to kerbs, with a danger of catching my peddles in high kerbs or verges, or feeling every single drain, (maybe that is why padded cycling tights were invented) or riding through all the debris that seems to collect in those places. Tell me, am I wrong!

There rant over, I know I should ride defensively, after all, there is only skin protecting me. It was still a lovely ride though, and the rain held off. It did get a little windier and we had a short stop at the Red Lion. And now here is my confession, I did fall from the wagon and indulged in a pint of lager today, but it's still not a bad month off from alcohol! I had to write this on my iPhone again, as the desk top is updating stuff! But hopefully it will all be done now so that I can add my geeky stats.

Yeah! desk top working, kind of, albeit slow, but here are the geeky stats.

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