Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bloomin' Cold Virus!

Hello blog lovers.

After having almost a week off from doing any for of exercise due to 'kids disease', (I'm sure its the little darlings that I look after that keep giving me their colds!) I was really looking for to just getting out for a 'plod' as the Old Boy calls it. I am feeling better than I have done this week, but still the virus is in my body. I am just going to try and kill it with some gentle exercise.

I told the OB that I will only ride for about 10 miles today, I didn't want to push myself and probably make myself sick! so we stuck to the Old faithful route around Bromley. I had thought I had started by Garmin but when we got to the Red Lion I noticed that I hadn't actually started it at all! I was disappointed but then I do have the OB's Garmin stats to get all the details from.

I can't believe this weather we having today! Having a glass of diet coke in January was definitely on the cards this evening. But what I didn't expect was to go to Chislehurst to have another glass at the Tigers! Of course there is a hill involved getting up there, even though I had said to the OB that I could probably manage a nice easy, flat route. There is no flat route to get to Chislehurst, well none that I know of, nor the OB, because I'm sure he would have taken me that way.

I decided to try Yester Hill again, and feeling the way I was, I knew I wouldn't make it up to the top, but I tried my hardest. I tried not to think about it, and just plodded along. My bike was feeling bloody good since the OB did that thing that guys do, oh yes, maintenance, that's what its called, on my bike. New brake pads for a start!! Boy I didn't realise how bad they were, plus he oiled, cleaned lubed and generally gave my bike some TLC and it feels like I just ridden it out of the shop. Is that a word 'ridden' funny, it don't sound right. Hey ho.

I did the hill in three stages. I didn't walk the hill this time. I just took a ten to twenty second breather before starting again, and then rode the rest of the way to the Tigers, for my fav plate of olives.

So geeky stats, copied from the OB's Garmin

Distance 11.89 miles
Moving time 1 hour 20 mins
Avg Speed 8.82
Calories 634

What my max speed is I don't know, but coming down the hill I was going some, and on the flat the Old Boy said I was doing about 20 miles an hour

So all together not too bad consider I am still got this stupid cold.

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