Saturday, 28 January 2012

Why Did God Make Hills?

Hello Bloggers.

It was a pleasant sunning morning when we both woke up, it was a pity we didn't actually go out for our ride then. But the OB wanted to do some more bike maintenance and clean up our bikes as well, and also take a look at Nagging Sisters heavy old Jalopy! Which by the way, dear sister, needs a new tube!

So we eventually we set off about 1.30, our destination the Blacksmiths on Cudham Lane. but not the straight forward direct route, but taking a slight detour route! We were going through Farnbourough then head down Church Lane and head on to Downe Village.

Now you all know how much I love, love, love riding up hills!!! NOT, but it's always good to challenge yourselves, stop staying in the comfort zone, as the OB always tell me. But he did say "enjoy it, low gear, take your time, look around you". And that is exactly what I did. I wasn't going to push myself hard today, as I have ..... gulp...... organised with Nagging Sister, and maybe Mr. S to do the PWR Train Run. More on that tomorrow!

It flipping knackers me out getting up that hill, but it is a personal challenge to ride it all in one go, no getting off the bike to walk it. This is where I asked the question, "Why did God make hills!) Up, up and up, that's all I seem to have done. Keep on peddling, that's what I was saying, and I'm sure the Old boy said it to me as well. I have ridden it several times, so I felt quite secure in the fact that I will do it again. Me being smug now! Have I spoke to soon? I wonder.

From Downe Village, avoiding popping into the two pubs that are there! we turned right, then left into Single Street which turns into Jail Lane. I remember years ago getting Nagging Sister to take me here in her car to collect my wayward dog from Foal Farm! Boy was I pleased to see him, even burst into tears when I saw him, the daft mutt!.....Er that's the dog and not me that's the mutt! I even think NS had a teary eye as well.

Then there were more yet more hills as we headed up towards Biggin Hill. For a pleasure ride it really was quite challenging for me! But I still totally had fun. I had nice warm hands with my new cycling gloves, I'm hoping that they will sustain me through the winter, but being as they are light weight ones, (I can't stand big chunky gloves while I'm riding my bike) then I'm not sure.

Yet more hills once we get to the Spinning Wheel, and I did have a very short breather here, sniffing the air to try and smell the curry cooking, but I couldn't smell anything! More undulating roads to keep me fit, then I notice the fields, and the birds, and how beautiful it all is, even in the winter, with no leaves on the trees, and I start to think. "Actually, He made the hills because that way, we can see more of this gorgeous world of ours, not a flat boring expanse, where you cant see what is growing on there, or what animals or birds inhabit this place where we live." Yes, that is why God made the hills............... and it's a good way to keep us fit as well!

Not far now, just down the road now and we can stop for a refreshing drink, sitting next to a warming log burner! Oh, yes, and we have deciding that the end of the month stopped last night! But I may still keep to the no dairy and cheese thing, with the odd cup of tea without the guilts!

Heading on home, I thought we were going to go straight down Cudham Lane, but the OB put yet another challenge to me, ride to Downe Village again and then on to Keston. I took the bait!! Can you believe little old hill dodger me decided to ride down Downe Road, the beginning is a very steep curvy hill, but the other side, oh my goodness!! it's a long steep hill going up. I did something that I haven't done for ages and that's get off my bike and push it up the hill!! I know!! Shame on me.

Going through the village again and heading on to Keston. and the OB gave me another choice, Keston for a pint and a packet of poppadoms with the heaters, or the George in Hayes for a pint and some olives. Well, the heaters won! Of course they won! It's darn freezing out there!!

Then home! A lovely piece of steak, home cooked chips and salad. Can't beat it.

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