Monday, 9 January 2012

Is Spring Here?

Hello Blog lovers.

As promised here is the second blog of the day. So active, so fit! So not true! But I am getting there.

Riding, especially the sort of riding I did today, is such a pleasant experience. I am hoping that it is doing me some good, because it is so much fun to do! It must be, even if its just burning up calories!

I can't believe this bit of weather we are having right now. I didn't even put on my woolly gloves over my riding gloves today, although I did take them, just in case, this is Britain after all. The OB was having a few issues with his bike, so he decided to just stay local, in fact very local indeed. We rode up to the George in Hayes. Here we stopped for a........... diet coke and packet of crisps and some olives! We are still sticking to the 'no alcohol' rule for January! Although its tough going, I do enjoy a pint!

When we had settled down with our drink I had remembered to stop my Garmin, only to be disappointed that I hadn't actually started it off in the first place! Darn these contact lenses, I need to get vari-focal contacts!! Do they do these?

From here we headed up to Bromley, and did almost the usual route, with a few turns that I had never been down before. We ended up again at the Red Lion. Another great pub, and they can pull a cool pint, and the OB often partakes of the IPA here. But not today! Two more diet cokes, sitting outside the pub, enjoying the very early spring like evening!

A nice ride home from here, through our local park, just a lovely meander around around. The OB's bike issues, although still there, didn't stop him from riding!

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