Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Plod He Calls It, Exercise I call it!

Hello Blog readers.

Two blogs again today! I'm on a roll, I'm back to my running, and I'm keeping up with my cycling.

A change of attire, well, I changed my jog pants to my cycle pants, and I was ready to go. I wasn't expecting to do the route we did today. A nice easy route, maybe up to Greenstreet Green and the head on to Chislehurst, maybe pop into the Tigers for a class of diet coke and some diet olives. But the old boy had a different agenda. He took us up to Downe Village!

No, I wasn't expected that! Through Farnbourough village we rode, and then down Church Road. It was pretty dark down there. I could have done with some mega lighting, even though I had my Hi vis coat on, my hi vis hat with head lamp, and my cycling tights with hi vis panels. Plus bright lights on the back and front of my bike! But I still wanted more light!

Going up to Downe village, I really felt it in my legs. It was a very slow plod up there, and I was conscious of the complete darkness, I wanted to stop, and I shouted at the Old Boy that I was preparing to stop. "You keep going, we're nearly there" And I did keep on going! It was amazing! I really wanted to stop. We did have a little rest once we got to the village and passed the pub. Then we headed on to Biggin Hill from there.

We were planning on a stop for a class of diet coke, and we decided on the Greyhound in Keston, only because it has those heaters outside. And then we were going to go through to Bromley.

It was bloomin cold through those lanes, and the stop for a coke chilled me down a bit more. But I knew I would warm up again, I was looking forward to it! We went through Bromley, and decided to have just one more diet coke, and one of our favourite pubs, The Red Lion.

From there we headed on home, direct home! No, detouring this evening. We were hungry! Even after two packets of crisps and a packet of poppadoms with mango chutney!

Geeky stats for you, these are mine from my Garmin, the Old Boys shows him going fast up the hills, how it does it, I don't know.

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