Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Made In Britain! Or is that Mad In Britain?

Hello blog lovers.

How can you tell we are British? Because we go out riding for pleasure in typical wet, windy, cold conditions, for pleasure!......... or, of course, the complete opposite, in high temperatures we choose to go running or cycling!! We're British, we can 'ack it!!

Mind you, I was rather comfy on my chair, so that when the OB said "You don't want to go, do you?" It prompted me to say "Yes, yes, of course I do" with a slightly perplexed look on my face.

Have told you all, that this is a totally alcohol free and milk free four weeks for me? And all of a sudden I was Hank Marvin! But I was craving bread and butter, and cups of tea! and this just the first day! I was hoping that what I had already eaten today was enough to keep my energy levels going through today's short ride.

1 banana
3 black coffees
half carton butternut squash soup
more grapes...

I was thinking about my dinner before I had even changed into my cycling gear. Maybe that would keep me going faster. We set off, with me still thinking about dinner, and the weather wasn't too bad. I suggested to the OB that he try the route to his new offices, as he has decided that sometimes he will ride to work! So that's what we decided to do. From there, well there was only one place to head for, and that is Crittals Corner! Up that huge hill. Well, its only another hill and a short ride full of hills!

And it was from about there that the rain started. So really, not too bad a ride. But I don't like riding in the rain. Because we had decided it was only going to be a short ride I didn't put any contact lenses in and kept on my glasses, of course, they don't come with 'window wipers' Maybe I should invent something like that!

We stopped just as we got to the high street in Chislehurst to decided which way we was going to go. If we carried on straight down, there was a headwind, and of course Summer Hill, and if we turn left the at least we will be sheltered by the trees for a while. Even the OB said that we should go left! It's not nice riding in the rain, and I was chilly, and my glasses were all speckled, but at least I could see though thise new pair compared to my old ones I had back in November!

We had a bit of headwind as we headed off down to Pettswood. We would normally go through Jubilee Park before going home, you know how the OB don't normally 'do' straight home, but this evening he did! And I was so very glad of this!

So from Pettswood, the OB ploughed the way, ok, he had his own pace going! I had mine, and I had a stupid song going on in my head, trying to help me not to think about the now stinging little needle like rain drops hitting my face! Do you remember that song, 'Sitting in the back Seat, Hugging and a Kissing With Fred' Well that was going on in my head! and it worked, its a cheery tune, and I was singing it and humming out loud!

Only in Britain!

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