Thursday, 19 January 2012

Still Not Well!

Hello blog lovers.

I really wasn't feeling too good this evening. After yesterdays ride out I thought I would be getting better, but about 4 o'clock this evening I started to feel very tired and the cold like symptoms were well and truly back! But I thought maybe once I am out I shall feel so much better.

"We shall only go for another plod" the OB said, "It's not cold out, and I shall keep it flat" he continued. "Ok, I'm going, I'll go and get changed" I was soon ready, and it was quite late when we left as well, at least 7:15 by the time we got out of the door.

We headed on up the newly tarmacked road, boy does it feel so so good! No pot holes, no splits in the road, not even any debris! if only all roads were like this. We were going to stay local, no going up to Biggin hill or through the lanes because actually it was a little chilly out, and the wind had picked up as well. But again, we only going for about 10 miles, and its not going to take that long.

I did feel a little better as we rode along, but I knew that I could still only manage a short one today, and besides it is quite late really. I was looking forward to getting home really. And the stuff coming from my nose and lungs is not good. Maybe I was too eager to get out and stop being a couch potato.

Now in the area that I live, there really is no such thing as a flat route, there is always a hill that you have to go down and of course if you go down then you got to go up again. You can't odds it really, well, not doing a 10 miler anyway. I guess I could go round and round the park somewhere, but whats the point in that!

We did stop for a glass of diet coke, and I really did chill down quite quickly, and I really wanted to be back home under my blanket with a nice coffee (because I am trying so hard not to have dairy products this month as well, not too good on that one though) and to eat my dinner, hopefully cooked by the Old Boy!

SO from the Greyhound in Keston we rode up to the ponds, yet aonther hill, and then we were going to ride through to Locksbottom and them home. Of course when I say home, we have to go through Pettswood, then through Jubilee Park and then home.

Today I had my Garmin, and today I started it off, so I have my geeky stats with you, and you will notice that it wasn't 10 miles, or even 11 or 12, it was 15 and half miles today.

Geeky stats

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