Monday, 30 April 2012

The Sun Is Out!

Hello Blog Lovers.

I had forgotten what the sun felt like, but today it was there, shining away in the morning, in the afternoon, and early evening. I was hoping it was going to last until the Old Boy gets home so that we can go for a bike ride.

Fortunately it did, and we were out the house by about 6 this evening. "Lets just see where we end up" The Old Boy said, so I followed him.  We went through the ally and onto the A21. I was expecting the usual route up to Halstead, and then through to Biggin Hill. But today we turned left, and headed homeward bound, but down the other road.  We have done this route before, last year, when we first got our bikes. I like to go over some of the old routes, compare times and stuff.

Now, if you are a follower of my other live blog, Running for Running sake, then you will know I had ran for 6 miles yesterday with my running club, so I was maybe just a tad tired. But the Old Boy was relentless in his....encouragement to get to as far as Halstead. From there it was a lovely down hill ride, virtually till Orpington High street, but even on the flats the OB kept telling me "Keep on spinning, no coasting now"

Just as we reached Court road, I had to stand up on my peddles to get over the lights, I got really bad cramp in my foot. I had to pull over and get off my bike to try and stretch out my toes. Just then I kind voice from behind me, came to investigate to see if everything was ok, no punctures or anything. And it was one of the Sky Ride leaders, like a knight in....a jumper. After introductions to the Old Boy, offered me a drink of water, (which i declined, the thought of beer was in my mind!)  he even checked out that my bike was set up right for me, (the Old Boy said he thought my saddle could possible set higher by about another inch) I'm not sure if The sky ride leader thought so to. I mean, I am on tippee toes when I am sitting on my saddle.  But it just goes to show, cyclists are the most friendliest people especially the Bromley cyclists and are always keen to help out another cyclist. Thanks Spencer!

After recovering from my cramp, in my feet we started off again. I was on for a  promise of a pint of lager, and I know, that the way we are going, we will be heading towards the Tigers Head. They do do some lovely olives in there. But instead of going up to Crittals Corner we went straight across and headed to Sidcup. I have never been this way before, well not on my bike anyway. This should be interesting. It's always good to try new things.

I was expecting this way to be less hilly! Not have to do that huge hill to Crittals Corner, but we still head up hill, just on narrower roads! And we still pop out at Crittals Corner, which means there is still the hills to do before we get to the Tigers!

I was beginning to feel quite tired, and looking forward to a pint, but for some strange reason the OB turns right and starts riding towards Bromley. He his planning on going up Sundridge hill, I can just feel it.  "Where the dickens is he going"  Then I start to realise, he is doing one of our routes but doing it in the opposite direction. Sundridge hill is a huge hill. Flippin Nora! this is going to be a struggle for me. The Old Boy took off, on his super duper, lighter than lite, higher geared, speedy gonzales GT Lagato (Thanks for that by the way, Ian, he leaves me eating his dust when he is riding this one)  But I can honestly say that I didn't stop on any hill today, even thought there were quite a few of them.

We did end up having a pint, but at the George, in Hayes!  I was certainly ready for my refreshment then. 24 miles later! and in just over 2 hours! you could say I was pretty pleased with todays effort, pretty pleased indeed.
Mind you, I am blooming knackered! so it's a ride to the local takeaway to get something to go with our already chopped and prepared salad, a nice burger!

Geeky stats, and these are from the Old Boys Garmin, so the speed is actually his riding speed, I had forgotten to take my garmin with me!

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