Monday, 16 April 2012

Saturday Saunter

Hello Blog watchers.
I am writing this a a ‘Word document’ and then I will copy and paste it to my blog at some point. My internet has been absolutely diabolical these last couple of days! Even though my ‘Server’ is on it. Yeah right, Well I hope ‘Dick’ moves his arse and gets it done quickly!

 Anyway,  it was an unexpected plod out with the Old Boy today, he was supposed to be fishing, and I was going to be doing something which I just simply adour! Shopping! I was going to get some new ‘hanging out’ trainers as my old ways are looking tottaly hung out!
So after getting him motivated, the poor OB is not feeling too well,  we strapped the bikes to the car and set off. No particular destination, just get out and see which way the ar heads.  Eventually he decided that we would go to Bewl Water, but the changed his mind.  We needed to pop into a bike shop to get some new supplies, so Tonbridge was out destination  to start our sort ride.

 With the bikes off, bag sorted and clothing packed into back pack we were ready.  First off though just a short ride into the town centre to get that all important nozzle for the CO2 cannisters! It was only about a mile or so away, and then we rode back and headed off for Penshurst.
This really is a particularly lovely route, I must bring Nagging Sister this way, she will enjoy this route.  It’s virtually traffic free riding, there is some roads, just not a lot of it.  And then, of course, there is that hill! That hill that always had me stopping and waiting for my lungs to catch me up, that hill where the OB seems to fly up, even last year, when we were less fit! And today was no different, apart from the fact that I didn’t actually stop. Oh no I peddled all the way up, slowly yes, but I did it. Jelly legs!! But it felt good.

Here is a photo of the pond in Haysden ponds, just love those birds.

 Then on through Penshurst place and a stop for a little light refreshment. A rather flat lager actually, but I was so thirsty, I soon made short work of it.  After that not so nice pint the OB suggested we go to the other pub, ‘The Spotted Dog’  just <strong><em>up</em></strong> the road. I can do hills, I can do hills, Yeah, lets do this! So on would to the next watering hole. He did also suggest that we could go to the ‘Bottle House Inn, just a little further and a little bit more hill. I assured him that ‘The dog’ was just fine.
We were climbing a fairly little slope when the Old Boy said “There’  is a bit of a hill, but we can go this way and make it a little more of a gently hill, or we can do this right turn and just take it on”  I’m in the zone now, “Let’s do it then” I said as I made the right hand signal!

 OMG! The hill just seems to be like a cliff face rising up with the road clinging to it to stay in place! “I can do this” I told myself. The OB rode beside me, of course telling me what gear he was in, it was something like 20 “What gear you in?” he asked me “1 and 1” I said.  I didn’t quite make it in one, but nor did I even think about walking up any of it. I just took a quick breather and carried on.  I think I did it in three, at the top the OB told me to turn right, I was just totally in the zone, focusing on not going backwards, and I was heading towards the left. “Right, right” the OB broke my concentration and I quickly took the right hand turn.
As we were riding up I saw the pub coming into view “You cheeky boy, Mr. Old Boy” I said to him, as ‘The Bottle house Inn’ came into view! This is a very lovely pub, lovely food, and I was quite pleased actually that we were here! So a lovely ploughmans lunch, shared between the two of us was deffo on the menu!!

Just as we were leaving some more people arrived and I heard them say, “It’s a long way to come for a bit of nosh, but its worth it” They were from where we live virtually, Orpington! See, it really is a lovely place!
The journey home is vitually all down hill, well apart from that hill in Penshurst Place!  Still, I should be able to do it!

Bikes strapped safely on the back of the car and we drive home. A nice pleasant ride today, unexpected, I shall have to leave shopping for another day!

And one more action shot of the Old Boy

Geeky stats for you.

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