Thursday, 26 April 2012

Route Finder Ride

Hello blog lovers,

After all the rain we have had we now how the wind! Wind is not a cyclists best friend! The drizzling rain I can just about cope with, ....... sometimes........ but the wind, yuck!

But this evenings ride was just to get out for a bit of fresh air, so the Old Boy suggested that we ride the PWR's members 10k race route. It's always best to know where you are running, especially if there is timings that going to be made public, well within the club! So that's what we did today. (And don't tell Nagging Sister, but there a a few hills dotted here there and everywhere!)

We rode up to where we were going to be starting our race from and that is where I started my Garmin, I shall plonk this blog onto Nagging sisters Facebook Page so that she can see the route on a map as well as have a written instruction sheet to follow! I bet she still gets lost!

The ride turned out not as bad as I thought it was going to be, not that windy, and not that cold either, plus the rain stayed away!  We even had time for a quick pint before we came home for our dinner!

P.s.  We saw a couple of members from my running group, they had been doing a special training course, it was our illustrious leader, a chap and a marathoner runner, although how she coped with the training I don't know, she put a picture of her very sore looking toe on her facebook page!

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