Friday, 13 April 2012

Ride for our tea!

Hello blog watchers.

Today was a very short bike ride. The Old Boy not feeling too good at all, he has this really husky (i think quite sexy) voice going on and he looks really pale. Not seen him looking like that for a while. But like a trouper he wanted to keep up with the exercise (or should I say like a man)  he said he would go, just to the nearest pub, have a refreshment and back home again.

It started raining when we were almost ready to leave, I really though he would not go, considering how he fet, but he said "We will need our rain jackets" I went upstairs to change out of my jeans, there is nothing worse then trying to peddle a bike in wet jeans.

We were only going to Hayes, its about 15 mins away, if that, and then going to go on home after that, but after we started out, just as always when you start of exercise, you start to feel ok. The Old Boy thought he could manage to get to Bromley and maybe even partake of some muscles, at a very nice place in Bromley. Which reminds me, One day I am going to write a 'Who's Who of the Public Loo' blog. And those who have been to this particular place will know why its reminded me to do so!

After we had our 'Starters' it was time to head on home. (oh here is a picture of our starters, very nice it was too)

To be honest, the starter was more like a main meal, so whether I cook the salmon I had planned is probably not going to happen! I put on my woolly luminous hat and put on my gloves, Zipped up my luminous coat and switched on lights. As I was adjusting the head lights we noticed a young police office heading our way. "I like to be seen," I said to him jokingly and he said "Oh that's ok, we saw the lights from our office and was just coming down to see what it was all about" Well, that confirms that our lights are good!

We rode home in the shortest route, and through our local park. When we got home, neither of us really fancied the salmon, so that will have to be tomorrows dinner!

We rode for about 6 or 7 miles this evening, and I was only expecting to ride for about 4, so I am quite pleased with that.

Oh yes, and my Christmas present came in very handy this evening, except when I went to get our refreshments the OB decided it looked better on his bike than it did mine, Tell me, what do you think, does my saddle look big in this, or does his?
And here it is on my bike

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