Monday, 16 April 2012

Hup To It, Back To The Programme!

Hello blog Watchers.

I thought the Old Boy was not feeling his usual self still, you know, what with him having this 'man flu' and stuff, but his energy is there, and his strength is there, and his fitness is still there!

"Are we going for a bike ride this evening" I said to him. After me saying yesterday, that I need to get back 'on the programme', he really came up trumps, pulled out all the stops, gave it is all, and any other cliche that you can think of!!

The nagging started from the A21! and it stopped, hmmm let me see, oh yes, at Hayes! He was on top form! In fact he even sounded totally bored as he nagged me. Imagine Eeyore saying "Come on, keep on peddling, don't stop" Well that is how he was nagging me, on some of the up hills!

I tried to be lady like, even saying to my self as I peddled up to Halsted, "I can do this, I can do this" but I felt like Ivor the Engine, when he was going up hills and down hills,  "I can do this,,! ARGGGGGGHHHHH! Another expletive coming from mouth!  The OB not even breaking a sweat! He promised me a 3 minute breathing at the top, if I got to 10 mph before we got there. Well I peddled like made, and I grimaced all the way to the top. There was a cyclist riding in the opposite direction in all his red and white Lycra and cycle hat, I just hope he thought I was smiling!

From here we were heading towards Biggin Hill, so there were still more hills to climb, another 4 at least! I was going to try and get into the zone! Try to ignore the OB behind me giving friendly advice and encouragement, sergeant major style! and just nag myself to push harder!

I was so pleased to reach the top of todays hill climb. To see the lights of the 'Shampan' was!! Now its all a downhill ride, more or less! And the Old Boy said that we could ride on to Hayes and have a pint and some olives! Yup, that will keep me motivated!!

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