Monday, 9 April 2012

The Viking Way

Hello Blog lovers.

A second attempt to record my on going struggles for that svelte figure, heart of an ox and fit as the proverbial fiddle! (and push save)

Now, can I remember? I am old you know! So after the opticians, thats right, it was back to the house to get the bikes strapped on to the back of the car to head to Reculver. We were going to do part of the viking way, a route that we will do in the summer, the whole of the Viking way, hopefully starting and ending in the place where we finished today, right next to the pub.

It was a very windy  day, made it feel so much colder. It seemed ludicrus to me to be out there cycling in the freezing cold, by the seaside and riding along the sea defences. I just hoped that the sea wasn't going to be going over the defences as we were rode on by. There were some places that it did splash up on to the top of the wall!

I seemed to be grimacing all the way to West Bay, and my teeth were freezing. The promise of a cup of tea kept me focused. Yes, thats right, you read it correctly, I did say a cup of tea!  (and save!) I really didn't want a cold drink, not yet anyway! But with our tea came a lovely chocolate muffin! You need your 'carbs' when you exercising!

After tea it was back to our riding, and to get to our destination. It wasn't that far to go really, only another 2 or 3 miles. It felt good to be cycling into Margate, the site of the old Dreamland, funfair site reminding me of many family days out. I wonder if they will rebuild a new fun park! Here, this is a picture of me with 'Dreamland' in the back ground, taken from another little tea stop. The Old Boy even bought me a bucket of candy floss, (cotton candy, for my american friends), now that really is reminisicing!

While we sat there enjoying our second cuppa the sun came out and the wind died down. The return journey was much more pleasant. All the way to Margate we had the wind in our faces, but on the way back there was hardly any wind.

We decided to push it a little, keep above the 11 mile an hour, as there was hardly anyone on the route, we had the trail to ourselves! The Old Boy stop to see something, he thought maybe it was a tawny owl, and another cyclst rode on past us. By the time we started riding again he was quite in front, and the Old boy decided that we should 'buzz him' So I peddled like made to catch him up. The Old Boy, of course passed him with no problem, and kept on going, I expect, just so that the cyclist couldn't buzz him back!

I managed to pass him as well, and  I noticed that the gentleman cyclists was not a particulaly young man, shall I say, but he still had quite a good pace going!

We arrived back at Reculver where I took some more photos, (I had forgoton to take pictures before we started, but as its an out and back, it does't really matter)

These pictures were taken after we had finished our ride, and there as some more from the day as well.

And now just a couple more pictures. And in of them you can see Reculver Towers, as a little dot on the horizen, and that is where we started and finished1

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