Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Short and Oh so Sweet!

Hello blog readers. I know today is/was going to be a rest day, but there is just no sitting us down at the moment. The Old Boy suggest just going for a very pleasant leisurely ride, nothing strenuous, not blasting it and not that far. My kind of riding really. So Off we went. First port of call was the George in Hayes. See what I mean about a nice pleasant ride? And then on to Bromley, a nice steady pace.

The Old Boy was way ahead of me, but I just plodded along, at my own pace, singing! Yup, singing out and not under my breath. Good practise for my daughters birthday celebrations at the Karaoke Bar on Friday. We stopped again at the Red Lion, and just as we were finishing our pint the rain came down, we moved underneath the umbrella and by the time we left it was virtually over, or so I tried to kid myself.

But as we were riding to our next destination, which is the Uskudar in Pettswood, I started smiling. The rain was coming down, ok, not torrential as it has been, but still enough to warrant an umbrella, yet I was smiling, I was enjoying todays little 'Keep the legs loose' ride. I did put my Garmin on, but of course, all the stopping, I had forgotten to switch it on again.

Todays little leisurely ride was really rather pleasant, in spite of the rain, and it's evenings like this that I am really glad I weaned myself off the soaps on the telly!

Geeky stats, about 10 ish miles, at a very nice plodding along speed of about 9 miles an hour. Fantastic, oh and dinner, by the way,  was just delicious!

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