Thursday, 31 March 2011

Crazy Geese and Covert Chevrons!

Hi bloggees!

I told you there would be another blog today, and here it is.

Mine and the Old Boys tales from the farm yard! That's right, we went through Hayes farm again. And the geese were on the attack! We had a pleasant ride through our old neck of the neighbourhood before we set off for the farm. And again here, I saw places I never seen before! I only lived there for 2 and half years! There was a bit of greenery and a park there! It's amazing, I must have lived like a hermit, not moving or investigating anything. The only time I did go out was when we went out in the car!! And I wondered where my couch potato days started!

So there we were, riding through the farm again, and there are these angry looking geese every where. I watched the Old Boy cycle pass them, and they stuck their necks out and hissed a bit. "Well that's ok, at least they wont attack me" I thought. The Old Boy got through safe and sound, so I should be fine. I rode my bike towards them and the Old Boy was watching me, with a smirk on his face as this huge goose craned its neck up and me and gave a huge "hisssssssss" as I went past. A bit scary but then there was the other one on the other side of me. They were ganging up on me. This one put its neck low and beak opened and 'hisssed' at me feet, I'm sure it was trying to get my tyres!

Geese successfully passed we head off through the rest of the farm. The paths through here are pot holed and filled with water! Tractors have also been down here, well there is a farm here, and I kept getting stuck in the tracks! The Old boy with his hybrid bike and suspension was negotiating these just fine.

We get through the Common again, and it's back to road riding! Yeah, no more muddy puddles. I just kept following the Old Boy as he done his left turns and right turns. I hadn't a clue where we will end up. But when we got through to the other side of Norman Park, Bromley Common side, he said "Lets go to Chislehurst now, we're not in any hurry" I couldn't think how we are going to get there from here, I was trying to wrack my brains to think of the route, all the while following the Old Boy.

It wasn't until we were heading up Southlands road that I knew how we were getting there. "He's going up Summer Hill!" I stated to say out loud, "He's going up bloomin Summer Hill" The realisation kicked in "Flipping nora, he's going up bloomin Summer Hill" What the drivers in the cars thought of me I don't know"

We got to the round about only to find a coach with a small car nestled into the side of it, as the obviously both tried to turn right at the same time! The traffic built up was huge! Of course being on bikes we can zip through the traffic, take a look at the accident, (and try to figure out who is in the wrong) and the go on a merry way. Well I say merry way, it was Summer Hill that we had to get up!

The first bit is just perfect, because its all down hill. So I just went for it, hoping that some of the momentum will get me up quite a bit of the other side! No holding on to the brakes, I am just going to let it roll, and not only that, I am going to peddle, even if my legs are going ten to the dozen on the down hill, as long as I can feel pressure then I am peddling. The bottom of the hill came, I started to peddle harder now, I want to get as much out of this momentum as possible. Now I am ascending. I go down the gears as slowly as I can make it, but with every revolution of the peddles is getting very hard indeed, and I am changing gears very quickly indeed. "1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3" I started the counting in my head, at least I think its in my head! The Old Boy is in his own world now, tackling the hill at his own pace, no time to think about me, he is having his own battle.

I couldn't managed to get up there. I looked up from where I stood, and it just continued to climb and climb. All the traffic going the opposite direction to me giving me encouraging smiles, and I'm sure one car full of girls just cracked up laughing as I came to another stop. Now it could have been a coincidence, (probably) but because of my struggle up the hill, it some how felt personal. I managed to do the hill in three (I think) albeit a very slow three.

From here the way seemed heaven as we headed home. Until that is, we got to the railway bridge. I crossed over in the proper manner, I got off and walked it! Just as it says "Cyclists Dismount" I rode through the car park on the other side and do what I always do, ride a little bit on the pavement to get to the road on the right, so that we can ride through the park. A real easy manoeuvre, you would think! But some how, just as turned right I hit the chevron board! I wasn't quite looking up, and was just looking at the pavement, I think it was because I was feeling pretty tired, but I hit the chevron board and broke my front light!

We still went through the park as it was dark just yet, and we were riding off road, besides I did have my head lamp in my pocket it it gets too dark

Geeky stats for you,

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