Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Welcome To Earth!

Hello bloggers,

I thought I would start another blog, one for the bike riding only. Seemed silly to keep on about riding on my running for runnings sake blog!

So today, me and the Old boy went for just a short '10' miler today. They always start out to be 10 miles, but there is always an extra one or two added extras!

It was cold, and I was still aching from run with the PWR's, and not looking forward to it, but at least its not a long one today. We got all togged up and the Old Boy put on his new bigger back light. He had light envy when I got mine, being as mine had 3 modes, now his new one as 4 modes, constant, side by side, all flashing, or random flashing! My next front light will be like a lighthouse!

The long road up to Keston had me moaning and groaning. I thought I had got up there in one go, but then the Old Boy reminded me that I did stop, just before we reached the top, and he said "You can't stop here, its to dangerous" Well lets see if the drivers see his back light now! After that it was a fairly comfortable ride, but so so cold! Especially on those downhill roads, the speed and the wind really chilling us down after all the hard sweaty work getting up to the top of Keston.

After passing by the Pickhurst, and going up towards Bromley, the ride was fairly easy. I am sure I didn't think that before when I first tried to get up these roads, so I must be improving.

We went through the high street, I narrowly missed a pedestrian!, I know I shouldn't have been riding down the high street, but it is in the evening and most of the shops are closed! We rode straight on and then turned right, heading for the homeward stretch now. We stopped off at a little shop, to pick up supplies for a cinema visit later this evening, and headed on home.

Jumping a head now, we are riding through the park near our home, there were kids playing in the dark park, football! how they were doing that I don't know, but don't the kids come out with some great stuff? Of course kids heckle you as you ride along, but this one was a corker. Just imagine the scene, me and the Old Boy, riding tandem down the path, lights on the bike, lights on our heads, plus me in my fluescent jacket with reflective strips, This little lad shouts across the park "Welcome to Earth! I almost fell of my bike laughing!

The Old Boy didn't hear the comment, but after I told him he laughed as well, "Yeah, thats a good one" he said, as he chuckled the rest of the way home.

So geeky stats for this ride. The first on my new bike riding blog spot!

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