Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tour De'Bromley!

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Today has been a very relaxing day for me, the Old Boy, however, had a tree to slice up and mulch down with big son. But I was eager to go for a ride, so the Old Boy suggested an nice pleasurable easy ride around Bromley today.

It was still light out when we went out, so we didn't need all our lights on, but they were in place. We went up the path and the headed right towards Bromley. I was expecting to go through Bromley High street, but the Old Boy had another agenda. We turned right and headed off in long before we got there. And that is pretty how much how the rest of the ride went today.

I was just watching the Old Boy for hand signals to let me know which way we were going to go. Even then I still wasn't sure, because occasionally he changed his mind and said, "Oh no, lets turn left here instead" Its just as well we weren't that far from where I live, because I would have so have got lost!

Turning left here, turning right here. I was surprised there are that many roads behind the main roads! All the little nooks and crannys, we were darting in and out of. Coming out of roads and then the sudden realisation of where abouts in Bromley I was!

I was pleased when I recognised roads that I knew, and had driven, ridden and jogged on before! We were riding up behind Kentish way, this was about the steepest hill of our whole ride! The Old Boy was very good to me today! Then we went straight up and then turned left going towards the high street and pass the supermarket. I am sure going to enjoy my dinner today!

Then it was the journey back towards home. Again it was the same as the way up! The only way that I had been before was through the High Street. There are a few more pedestrians about this time of the evening as well as the stall holders, who were busy dismantling there stalls. I was trying not to run any of the over today!

Instead of going down Masons Hill, we turned right and then left and then who knows after that, I shall just have to look at the Garmin once I have downloaded it! (Check geeky stats at the bottom) He took me up some footpaths and dark roads and small roads. I didn't recognise much really until I got to Whitehall rec, (even then I didn't realise that this park was close to this road I have used loads and loads of times)

Even going through this park the Old boy knew of more footpaths that lead to different roads. Roads I have never been on before! So the next time I recognises where I was we were already about to turn right to face Southborough Lane!

A quick ride through the park! Even this bit he took a slightly different route. Instead of taking the first exit out of the park we rode on through rode pass the golf course, heading the path where we first started our Tour De Bromely. Negotiating a rather awkward stiff gate!

We got home and looked at the Garmin, we had ridden for only nearly 9 miles in just over an hour. A very easy ride today, at a very leisurely pace!!

Geeky stats

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