Monday, 28 March 2011

Got To Remember To Switch On Garmin Again!

Hello blog lovers.

Well, I had a non exercising weekend, the only exercising I did was my brain cell, which is virtually on the missing list, and my right arm! At the pub on Sunday afternoon with Naggy!!

So today I thought it best that I get out today on my bike, I need to build up mileage in my legs for the long ride to Brighton in June! I am loving these longer days, because today the Old Boy took me to a place that is virtually on my doorstep but I have never been too!

The Old Boy has it in him to do a bit of trail riding, so his hybrid bike with suspension won't have been bought in vain. Although my bike is not fully a road bike, it is compared to his. He took me to Hayes Common! A huge expanse of land that I didn't no was there. The amount off times I have ridden by it, hidden by trees and things, I never really questioned what was behind them. It was a very pleasant surprise. Not only that but we rode through a farm and all side the Ravensbourne River. There was a dip that we had to go down with a 'splash pool' at the bottom. I watched as the Old Boy do what all boys do, just ride straight down the hill without thinking, splashing through the puddle and riding back up the other side using the momentum to get to the top again.

I just stopped at the top of the hill, and I wondered whether I could do this on not. Or whether I would fall off and land in the river, or whether once I got to nearly the top, I would slip backwards and fall off my bike. Too much thinking, I know. I got to be more of a bloke, disengage brain and go for it..........So I did! I took just a step or two down the hill, then just released my brakes, feet on the peddles and go!

The thoughts going through my mind I had to totally ignore, and just look up at the hill that I need to get up. Ok it was only a very short up and down hill, but that with the added danger of a splash pool it just seemed so exciting. ...... Did I just say that?? Ok, need to re-engage brain cell now, to complete blog.

All the years I have been living here, and I did not not that this place was hiding behind the trees, I should investigate all those signs that say 'Public Footpath' there must be loads of other hidden places that I have never seen right on my doorstep.

This place led us to Normans park, I was just so surprised to come out on the park that I jogged with Nagging Sister, and Vic.2 last year! From there we went to Shortlands were we stopped for a break, chewing gums (and chocolate). But obviously I had forgotten to re-engage brain cell, because I stopped the Garmin while we were scoffing.......erm, taking a well earned energy treat, and I forgot to re start it. So the geeky stats at the bottom will show me still at Shortlands.

Just as well the Old Boy had his bike gizmo going, at least it can tell us how far we rode and what time we did it in.

So half the geeky stats.

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