Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Testing Testing! Syncronise!

Hi blog readers.

Today was just another mooch around Bromley, going through some parks and back streets. We are both using our gizmos, my Garmin and his bike computer. And we shall compare data when we get back...........I know, its all very sad these days. Same bikes, same cycling coats, same head lights, and now we are going to swap gizmo data!!

We set off later that I expected, (we were trying to sort out the Old Boys gears on his bike) and the temperature when we left was 44 degrees Fahrenheit, and not raining for a change. I had no idea where we were going, I was just going to follow the Old Boy around like a love sick puppy.

He mentioned that we were going to go through the parks again. Its like a wild coaster ride, in the dark! Its quite scary!, and I think it amuses him that I squealing behind him! It is quite exciting though, and it keeps your mind wide awake!!

After the first park then we went through the country park, and then Normans park after that. We went darting about the backstreets of Bromley. Either he is taking it easy on me, or I am getting fitter and stronger, because I don't feel as if I have done any real work so far. Even the hill going up to Bromley High Street held no fear in me today!

More back streets through Bromley, and another little alleyway! It's just as well he is not bombing along and losing me, because I wouldn't have a clue as to how to get home! Or maybe that's his cunning plan. Get me lost and he can carry on getting fitter without me! MMmmm.

I finally recognised a road and I knew we were not far from home. In fact we were on the road with the supermarket on it! Which means that the Old Boy did have a cunning plan after all, and it was a chocolate plan. Well its Wednesday, we normally have Orange Wednesday, complete with bag of Revels and diet coke!

Goodies bought and it was just one last park ride, and that is the park near our home. Oh yes, and the mad dash down the road. A quick 'burn up" down the road, and of course he beat me. But I'm sure I made him work a little bit harder this time!

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