Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Total Burn-up!

Hello Bloggees,

Well after this mornings jog, I knew I would be feeling tired, (because I was tired jogging) so I am really glad that today is Wednesday, just a gentle 10 miler, then off to the cinema.

Me and the Old Boy got all our gear, set the lights up, helmets, hats, gloves etc. Then Headed off. It was still fairly light, but I kept the lights on, anyway I had no intention of stopping on this ride this evening, so best switch them all on.

It was raining slightly, which I wasn't pleased about, but only gently, maybe it will ease off. We are doing one of my old routes, to Greenstreet Green and then on to the awful hill, Perry Hall Road! The Old Boy let me lead the way, I'm sure it is just so that I can't see how tired he is as well! Unless there is another ulterior motive! Up through the path and head on to the A21.

This road was horrible today. My legs were complaining, just like this morning when I was running. But I knew that I couldn't stop on this bit, I had only just started the ride, for goodness sake. But up ahead in the distance I saw a cyclist. She was on the cycle path and I was gaining on her! I was amazed. She looked like a proper cyclists, all the right gear on, etc, yet there I was gaining on her. Just then the hill started, but I really wanted to 'burn up' this other cyclists. I have never overtaken another rider, well apart from the Old boy to wind him up a bit, and this will be the first time, ever! But the hill was taking it out of me> I dug deeper, I pushed my legs as hard as I could and I started to gain on her again, at the top of the hill. I finally was neck and neck, I gave a quick cheeky look to see if she noticed me, trying not to be smug, (I more than likely had a pained look on my face) and then carried on.

The Old Boy, behind me, of course was noticing all this, and was quietly smiling and chuckling away to himself as he was guessing what I was thinking. (Which of course he was right!) The slight hills after that first one, didn't seem as bad anymore, but still they took their pennies worth from me!

A more speedy ride once we reached Greenstreet Green, and the ride down to Orpington was not too bad either, but thoughts of PerryHall Road were now on my mind, and already I can feel my legs complaining.

We were soon at the dreaded hill, the Old Boy still following up behind. I tried and tried and tried to get up in one go, but just about 10 feet from the blooming roundabout my legs just refused to peddle anymore! I stopped dead, the Old Boy stopped dead, and the car behind him stopped dead.

Even the Old Boy got off and walked today, just to over the other side of the round about, and then he got back on and rode up the restof the hill. I walked just a tad more then got back on and rode the rest of the way.

Coming down Frankswood we heard a voice beside us "Oi oi" the voice said "Keep it going." It was a friend of ours, and he is usually heading in the other direction, which means that he has already Ridden up Southborough and spun around to come back and chat with us. I was thinking, "Oh yes, here comes another burn up" (this chap is a mad keen cyclist, it wouldn't surprise me if his bikes have their own centrally heated room!) He fancies his chances in a down hill sprint with me and the Old boy (my silly on brain cell was thinking), Bring it on. But, after evaluating the calibre of the opposition and all the gizmos that we have on, head lamps, front lamps, back flashing lights, and bright bright coat, then he thought better of it and said his goodbyes and turned off just at the crest of the hill!! What a chicken!.

On the home stretch now, and its a faster ride all the way down to the park, and then the last road home. This road the Old boy has decided that me and him should have a 'burn up' I try and try to get the better of him, but I just don't have the strength in my legs to keep up with him. One day, one day I will beat him to our house.

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