Monday, 7 March 2011

More Exercise For Today

Hi bloggees,

The evening was just beckoning us to go out for a lovely 20 miler. The Old Boy was up for 20 miles, and I was too, even though I had done a 3 mile jog this morning. But as the Old Boy loves to point out, he has done a full days work too. I shall give him that. Plus he comes home and cooks dinner too! He says he likes to eat the food that we buy!

This is a fitness ride, well for me it is, the Old Boy calls it a leisurely pace! But twenty miles, up that awful hill towards Badgers Mount as well. And towards the end it did have me shouting out load, and telling my 'fat lazy couch potato' self to get my backside moving.

The ride back from Badgers Mount is lovely however, its mainly down hill, well it would be really, wouldn't it! And after we get across the big roundabout the road there is really quite smooth to ride on. Just a few slight undulating pimples before we get to Orpington bypass, Crittals Corner.

I did feel pretty good after over taking a cyclists, especially as today we were overtook by at least two cyclists. The first one was on the A21, and the Old Boy swore he could have 'got him' up the hill, because he slowed down. The second was further on after we reached Chislehurst. He came flying past us, you can tell he was a keen enthusiast as he had a bike that positively cut the air and a body built like a racing snake, in fact I'm sure I heard some 'hissing' as he rode on by.

The way home now, it always feel good when you know you are heading for home, a nice warm cup of black coffee My goodness, why did I agree to copy the Old Boys diet!! Oh yes, and dinner, lovely stir fried chicken and veg, very tasty, with a few hot green chilli's to warm up from the inside out!

Geeky stats for you (and this time it didn't freeze, that was just me and the Old boy this evening)

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