Friday, 18 March 2011

What's That Rattling Noise?

Hello blog lovers.

Well I am writing this today because I really didn't have anytime yesterday to write it. I went for tea with Naggy, and her self conscious tea lights!

The Old Boy was not feeling on top for yesterdays ride, but he did want to get out and stretch the old legs. I certainly needed to get out, just vegging in doors is not good for man nor beast! We decided on a just a short 10 mile or so ride.

It was still quite bright out when we left, which makes a pleasant change. Its nice to see where I am riding. But just to be on the completely safe side, as it was a getting to that dusky stage, I put all my lights on.

WE set off, the Old Boy said we were going to ride up to the Ponds and then see how we feel after that. So I set off leading the way. Up the hill to the ponds. When we got there the Old Boy said to turn right, which I did. Its a lovely down hill bit of smooth road, so I whisked along nicely enjoying the whole cooling process of the wind. But the Old Boy shot passed me with a "We were supposed to stop there and see where we was going to go from there" Oh well, we can discuss where we're going at the top of the road now, there will be only left or right to choose from!

Just then I started to notice a noise on my bike. The Old Boy's bike has been sounding like at tank recently, he thinks the cables are all stretching and now need adjusting. But he is like me, hasn't a clue how to service a bike. I think we both need to enrol on a course some where!

But when we got to the top of the road, we had our discussion, and then I made him put his head light on, as it was getting darker now, and it will save stopping to do it later. We decided to head on up to Downe Village, after all, we have gone the other way so many times now, we need a change.

Those of you who know the area and those of you who read my blogs will of course know that Downe is up! Long steep hills that will bring on a good sweat! And not even at nice pint at the end of it. On wards and up wards we went. The Old Boy telling me to stick to the side of the road like glue as they do tend to drive fast up these roads.

I think we only stopped once.......ok so I only stopped once before we got to the village itself, but I was still pretty pleased with my efforts. We drove passed the two pubs and turned left. A long road down hill to Shire Lane. By now it was pretty dark, thank goodness for the headlamps. I had to ride carefully though, there are so many potholes in the road, and just a beam of light to spot them with. I could still hear that annoying rattling metal sound, what was that?

From shire Lane we went straight up the road heading for Greenstreet Green, and then on into Orpington. I was thinking we were going to go up my old conquered nemesis, either one of them, Perry hall or Poverest, but I think the Old Boy is feeling tired because he didn't go through the high street, we took the turning to go up Knoll Rise instead, the very first hill I tried and failed at when I first started to use the bike for fitness, (and have never attempted again!)

Psychologically I was at a disadvantage, I wasn't expecting it, and I hadn't yet been able to ride the whole way up it! I just had to think, "Well Old Girl, just do it, whats the worse that can happen" And so it was head down, gears low as low can be, and peddle like mad. I made the Old Boy go up before me, I am not good with the pressure of him seeing me trying to fight the hills. His lights were getting further away as he just 'ate' the hill up, I peddled and peddled, there are no round abouts to stop at, there are no lights and no road works to halt my ascent up the hill. I looked up and saw the crest just a few yards more. Keep going Old Girl, you have this hill under your belt now! Yes! I did it, the Old Boy had stopped and looked around for me as I came over the top, my hand punch up at the dark sky, I hope he could see the huge smile on my face.

We headed on home towards Petts Wood, but the Old Boy wasn't quite ready to go home yet. He decided to go through the woods again, and then turn left as we came out and through our local park when we got to the end of the road. That darn noise was still with me on my bike. I could hear it, it was a squeaky type of noise, and like metal rubbing on metal. What was it, it's so annoying. I could hear it all the way as we went through the quite dark park, "What is that noise?" I said to the Old Boy, "it's there every time I peddle the right side" It was then, that I wished I hadn't said anything as I suddenly realised where the noise was coming from! It was from the keys in my pocket rubbing against my tin of lip balm!! Such a blond bird I am sometimes!

We spotted our sons girlfriend on the way to our house as we rode on the road towards Southborough Lane. She was heading for our house and had just told us that she was calling our son to come and meet her! And so he should, its the only exercise that boy gets is walking to me her and home again!

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