Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Don't Look Now, But I think I'm Getting Fitter!

Hello Blog readers.

I told you this morning I shall be writing another one! There is just no stopping me from talking about fitness regime!

After a really lovely (there's that word again) run with Smarty Pants this morning, I was looking forward to a pleasant ride today, and I wasn't disappointed! Me and the Old Boy decided that we will do a 10 miler or so today, and get out while the sun still shines.

He told me which way we were going. Up, up, and up! Up to Keston, then Up to Downe, then up to Farnborough and finally up Starts Hill lane! There is a few down hills to break the monotony of all those ups, its just as well or else I would have been broken! He also informed me that he had a bit of cash on him! So a nice refreshing drinkies half way round the route!

I normally complain like mad on the way up to Keston, and maybe even stop somewhere on this road as well, but not today. I'm not saying it was easy, but I just stayed focused and kept on going! That hill done, now to sort out the next one.

This is the hill that takes us into Downe Village. I knew it was a long road, so again, head down, concentrate on the bit of road in front of me. It is still quite bright out, although I do have my bike lights on, my head lamp is still in my pocket.
Before I really started to even thinking about stopping, (and after a few moanings on the way up) we were in the Village! I couldn't believe it. I felt quite pleased with my self.

Its mainly down hill to we get home, just a couple of steep 'pimples' to get up, one is Church road, that takes us through Farnborough, and then the next one is Starts Hill. I did both of these hills, it seemed like the ride was all too soon coming to a finish.

When we were nearly home and on the way to Pettswood the Old Boy was just poodling along in front of me I couldn't resist cycling past him with a chuckle and a smile!

Just the usually ride through the park, and there you go, one 10 miler sorted, well actually 12 miles, but done!! Yup quite pleased with this effort today!

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