Monday, 14 May 2012

20 miles or so! Smug Look!

Hello blog lovers.

Just a little spin out today.  On the Old Boys Garmin it shows just under 22 miles. On mine it shows 18 ish.  I forgot to start my Garmin after our pit stop before home!

It was raining all this afternoon, and weathermen predicted it was going to be the same all day,  so it was some what of a bonus to get out for a bike ride! I was half expecting the Old Boy to say, if it was raining, to go for a run of about 3 miles!

It was still a tad chilly, so I put my fleece under my new, water proof, breathable (NOT!) orange super duper, expensive! jacket, full gloves on and my hat, and we set off. We were going to do the, now, normal route, up to Halstead via the A21 and on through to Biggin Hill and on to Keston.

There was no stopping on this route, just straight through to Keston. Oh actually, tell a lie (or two) we stopped at the Spinning wheel to switch our lights on and then another stop in Biggin hill, the Off license, to get something to eat, I was feeling a little fatigued!

From there we just flew down the road. All the way the way to the Greyhound. Just a couple more bumps to get over, just ask Nagging Sister about the bumps on this supposedly, 90% all down hill section!

So my geeky stats, minus the last couple of miles home from the Greyhound. The Old Boys geeky stats read better than mine, considering he has the auto stop function on his, where as mine carried on recording when we stopped to sort out the fatigue, and for traffic lights etc.

P.s, there is no smug look on my face really, just a pained and tired look!

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