Thursday, 17 May 2012

Just A Short One!

Hello Blog lovers!

Just a short ride......yesterday! Which was just under 10 miles. We kept it short as we wanted to go out to a new fav restaurant, Uskudar in Pettswood. It was quite a flat type of route, apart from one hill, a hill that I have always flew down and never actually rode up it. Well yesterday the Old Boy led me that way!  I was quite surprised actually, that the whole laborious hill went quite quickly! I was up the top before the first 'When is this bloomin hill gonna finish!" escaped from my lips.  The Old Boy even said "Well done Old Girl"

But todays ride, talk about two extremes! He said we are going up Cudham North Lane, as he has not been up that way for a while. I said "But we was up here last Saturday" and then he said "No you did the hill, I came from the other end" Guess what,? We rode up the hill.

I was rather over dressed, I had on my new super duper bright orange rainproof, breathable (NOT) jacket on, my running wick the sweat away long sleeve top, and a fleece! Not in that order obviously! So just after we got to Cudham North Lane I had to stop about 10 15 metres to take of my jacket. But that time the moisture really had built up!

From there though there was no stopping. All the way to the top and the left turn towards halstead.  Towards the end of this little hilly section a bus heading in the opposite direction pulled behind a parked car to let me and the OB get passed, without having to break our pace, just as two Lycra clad cyclists 'buzzed' us and said "Hello" as they rode passed me, the OB  and the bus.  The Old Boy was in his element then, he had his little race ahead of him and he took off after the two dudes! As I slowly crept by the bus, blowing at from every orifice, the driver came me great encouragement with a cherrie "Go on, keep going!"

The Old Boy was just a bit ahead of me. Well, I couldn't see him on the few twists and turns that there was left to do. In fact, I was actually wondering if I had missed the turning altogether, because I felt sure it wasn't that far from the Blacksmiths, where me and Nagging sister met the Old Boy on Saturday!

I kept on going. If I had gone to far ahead then the OB would be flying up behind me, laughing and telling me to go back. But there he was, just up ahead waiting for me, "Did you manage to catch up to those cycling dudes" I said "I kept up with them" he said with a little smile on his face!

We turned left to go to Knockholt and Halstead, and then we were going through to Orpington and the by pass. And all this without stopping! It had just started to rain slightly and I put on my new jacket, its a fairly downhill part of our route so it was good to put it back on just for the wind chill factor. 

We rode quite quickly through the next sections, the rain just about holding off, just a little drizzle. we did have a refreshment stop, all the way to Chislehurst and the Tigers!

A nice little 20+ mile route today, hilly, very challenging, but enjoyable!

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