Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Bloomin Sunday!

Hello bloggers!

It's Sunday, the Old Boy had already been out 'loosening the legs' while I was at church, thanking Him above for .....well everything!  So I wasn't really expecting to go out out for any sort of mileage today, well nothing to write about.

When the Old Boy said he fancied at pint, after his 16-17 miles this morning and mowing the lawn, I didn't even bother getting changed into cycling attire. I only changed my shoes, I thought sparkly sandals would be slightly cumbersome on a bike, not very helpful or indeed safe!  He did mention just popping off to the George, 2.5 miles at the most away, hardly worth changing for.

As it happened, we ended up at a pub even closer to home! The Chequers!, and then after that we rode on into Bromely! We happened to ride past the Giant bike store, which was still opened! I couldn't help but pop in, after all, I was wearing a non cycling top, (very girly girly, lacy edged thing, see yesterdays blog for photo) and jeans. Jeans are not very cycle friendly. they don't let you get on your bike, at least mine don't, they are too tight fitting. They also don't stretch while you peddling your bike!

I was only going to look, maybe try on for size, but I ended up buying a new cycle jersey, (mens one, cos I just liked it!) and some new cycling shorts, (womens shorets, and women cyclist will know why!) After, we rode on to the Red Lion. I had on my new jersey, with snazzy numbers down the sleeve, I look like a proper cyclist now (well apart from the jeans!) If I didn't have silly socks on I would have had my cycle shorts on as well! It was so, so, so hot out!

After here though, to make it worth while writing a blog, we rode on to Hayes, stopped for half and then came home to a delicious roast beef and salad dinner!

No geeky stats today, but, does it matter! He has given us a glorious day to enjoy, the sun is warm, the sky is blue, I have my Old Boy! Perfect!

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