Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rest Day Was Yesterday!

Hello blog lovers.

Now, usually, I do have this thing that happens, its called a rest day. Its where I kind of chill,  after work, cook dinner, and veg in front of the t.v. Maybe even go to the pictures, see the latest films. But the Old Boy said that was yesterday. Chill day, rest day, veg in front of the t.v. day was yesterday.

The weather is not good. We are having that horrible drizzly rain, that is neither mist nor rain, just a bloomin nuisance when you are trying to ride in it. And it is quite chilly as well, I am glad that I am quite warmly wrapped up.

When the OB told me the route, the only bit that I could remember was, first stop at the Greyhound in Keston, for a pint and poppadoms. He did expect me to lead the way, just so that his geeky stats could actually apply to me. He would be riding at my pace, but with him giving careful instruction as to how fast I should be going!

Just as we were about to join the A21 we saw a girl cyclist just poodling along. "Go on, catch her, buzz her, get her on the hill" were the instructions from the Old Boy. I do like a challenge, so I got my head down and started to peddle like mad. I started to gain on her, as we were going up the hill, I was quite impressed with myself, to be fair, I didn't think I would! So you can imagine how smug I felt when I passed her!, I settled back in to a pace that I thought would be ok, we were still going up the hill, but then she rode passed me again! I expect she felt quite smug. She started to pull away from me as we were approaching Locksbottom. "Go on, do her, get passed her" he ordered. I was hoping that the traffic lights would stop her in her tracks, just so that I could catch up to her and then try again to get in front.

There was quite a lot of traffic about, and we were going up hill again, so I just stayed on her back wheel, pushing quite hard to stay there as well, she was doing really well. I wonder if she knew that I was 'racing' her. I could feel the OB wanted me to keep peddling harder, but then on the next driveway she rode onto and started to use the cycle path.  I did overtake her as I stayed on the road. I just didn't know whether she ran out of stamina, or whether she will be turning into a road soon.

We kept on the A21 up to the Halstead turn off, and rode up there.  On this bit of road we saw other cyclists zoom passed us. They all had numbers on them, and some of the had those weird shaped alien type hats on. I am not sure what their route was, but it seemed they were heading up past Polhill and then coming back down again because we saw some other riders coming back round the roundabout.

I was really feeling tired. I knew where we were going. We are going to Biggin Hill there is still more hills to do. More orders to take from the OB and more of the lactic acid thing happening in my legs! Still, From the top of Grays Road it is all down hill!

I  kept on spinning though, orders from the OB! Even on the down hills, which was nearly all the way to Keston. I was just so glad to get to the pub, I was really looking forward to my pint, I felt I had earned it!

The Old Boys geeky stats says that I was riding at an average moving speed of  12.1 and the maximum speed was 29.5 mph.

So my Geeky stats, as I  remembered to take my Garmin today.

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