Monday, 7 May 2012

Locksbottom To Hastings Motorbikes

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Another bank holiday, another rainy day! Typical then. But evenutually got the Old Boy to get out, put on the bike rack on the car and get out. ...... Oh, did you all think that we had gone over to the 'dark side' and got on a motor bike? Well, we didn't, not yet anyway, (the old boys 400/4 is still require delicate bike surgery)

The weather, of course, was dismal. As we were driving towards our bike ride start point the rain came. But I told the OB that this is what we was going to do anyway, no matter what, rain or shine, we were getting the bikes out for an airing!

We arrived at Bexley on Sea and the rain had stopped! Well, that was a good start, I was just hoping it was going to stay that way.  But it didn't matter to me, I was glad to be out, putting some miles on my bike.  We were going to be riding to Hastings, a route we have done before, but today, with the added number of people that will be there, its going to be a much slower ride. Just looking at all the bikes on the way will take some time!

I had forgotten about the big hill, called Gally Hill, just about 10 minutes into the ride. So I was attempting this, with cold, lazy legs and the OB's comments "Can she make it up the hill, will she be getting off her bike, is she going to be lazy" Well I shall tell you, and as the OB always says, its a blame culture we live in, because I was listening to him, and not concentrating on what I was doing, I was in totally the wrong gear, I was struggling, and it was bloody hard! So I got off my bike!

But from here it's down hill, with just another slight bump to contend with, but this time, I didn't listen to the OB and just did my own thing, and got up the hill in one.

When we got to Hastings, there were just so many motorbikes about, a few scooters, and a few trikes as well. There was one trike that looked absolutely fantastic, scary, with rats and skeletons all over it, I didn't feel as if I could take a picture, it probably wouldn't have come out anyway, the trike was called Dracula!  I was looking for the Harleys, I do love the Harley Davidsons. These bikes are just sooooo lush, they sound so lush, and if you get someone that really loves their bike, everything is chromed to the hilt!  I was quite impressed that I saw quite a few girl riding bikes, an not just your little tiny 50cc buzzy bee type machines. We saw this tiny little girl riding a ducati, about a 750!  It definitely has me thinking that maybe....... maybe, one day!

After a rather pleasant wander around in the sunshine(!) looking at the bikes, and some Harleys, we had lunch, fish and chips, again in the sunshine, we took a slow ride back. We had our pudding at the other end of the ride, in a rather nice Italian place, tiramisu, very nice. shared of course, 1 pudding, and 2 spoons.

Then it was back to the car, strap the bikes back on the rack and head off home, via the Hay Wagon.......and the Wheatsheaf! Oh, the Wheatsheaf had their log fire burning, and sitting by it, drinking a lovely pint of numbers, and all sorts of memories were evoked! The coal men filling up our coal bunker, the funny marble effect the fire had on my skin when I sat to close, cooking crumpets, and also all the other memories of keeping warm during those winter months. Who remembers, the Esso blue song, the blue and pink paraffin? Oh those were there days, when your net curtains were frozen to the panes of class in the windows!

It was just a very short bike ride, and a very slow bike ride, but a very enjoyable day out. We rode for only about 12 miles or less, and the time, well does it matter when it was a pleasant day out?

Just a couple of pictures from todays outing.

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