Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Nice Pleasant 20 miler

Hello blog lovers.

What a gorgeous day today. It just called out for a nice pleasant, easy paced (i.e. my pace) ride through the lanes. I am still suffering for the quick blast from Monday! my legs are aching! I have even been dreaming about my legs, which I know sounds weird, but I just remember dreaming about my legs. I wish I knew what I was dreaming about! It's weird when you know you had a dream about something but cant remember details!

Anyway I digress, as usual. As I am still on the ridiculous diet, with just a couple of mishaps so far, yesterday (and today!) I didn't think I would have enough energy really to give it a good blast. But we took to the roads and headed up to Halstead.  I knew it was a lot slower than it was on Monday, but that is only to be expected. I was trying to keep a steady pace going, if not in speed then at least keeping the legs going at a steady pace, and would you believe the song that I was singing while riding up to the roundabout in Halstead. It was the ABC song!

I took at break at the top. I needed it. And fortunately the Old Boy bought some water along! A huge glug of water, if only to rinse out the bugs, and then it was all go again. the waggon at Keston! Yup, it's a warm evening, and the call of Mr. Forsters is just too much!

After we got through Halstead, we were on the road that takes us to Cudham North Lane.  Coming in the opposite direction were quite a few cyclists with numbers on their backs, weird head wear and wearing all their 'colours! They are obviously on some sort of time trial competition.  All were totally focused and no doubt relieved to be going down hill for a bit.  I am presuming they are all coming up from that dreaded hill!

When we go to Cudham North/South Lane we waiting for a while to see how many other cyclist were going to be coming through.  We saw number 36 then number 38. We waited a bit longer and then left. Maybe that was all that was doing this competition.

Up the road now, heading towards the Spinning Wheel and then down to Biggin hill.  The sun was still in the sky but it was starting to set, a lovly golden ball glowing in the sky!  I am sure that it will look stunning as it sinks behind our landscape, I just hope we get to somewhere nice before it does. Over the Valley maybe. A stunning view there, but when I got there, the sun was still not setting and it was on the right hand side of the Valley, I was never any good at geography and stuff like that!  But we did stop to watch a small jet take off from Biggin Hill airport!

Now for the last bit to Keston.  This bit of the journey used to really bother me! There are a few lumps and bumps still to do, but nothing like what I have already done!  I smiled as I remember last week when Nagging Sister came up this part of our trip out, and the way she was moaning and groaning, and saying this like 'I thought you said there were no more hills!" and "Argghh I hate hills, who made these hills" Yes, that was me some time last year! Now I know that I am getting stronger and faster, even if I don't feel it!

A stop off at Keston, the Greyhound, where I fall of the waggon again! Even having a packet of popadums! Oh wow, did they taste soooo good!

Geeky stats for you, oh, and I did forget to start my Garmin after my refreshing visit with Mr. Forsters! but its only a couple of miles or so back to my house from there!

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