Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Tale of Two Starts! - Featuring Duff Man!

Hello bloggers.

What a glorious day! Its days like this, that you thank the good Lord above for being healthy and able to do what we can do! The sun was well up in the sky and wanting to do as much shining as it could. Now here is the two starts part explanation.

The Old Boy wanted to do a long hilly ride, but we had said that we would go riding with Nagging Sister, depending on weather! Well the weather, was fantastic, but the OB still wanted to do a hilly route, so he decided to go first thing in the morning and we would meet him at a pre arranged pub for lunch. and then carry on for a few more miles together.

So he went off, I turned over in the now empty bed for another few more 'winks'.  Then I texted NS to make sure that she was still coming.

Me and NS met along the A21 and then headed in the direction of Greenstreet Green and beyond! The place we were meeting the OB was in Shoreham village. A lovely little pub called the Kings Arms, where we will have lunch before hitting the roads again.  We arranged to meet that at 12. I wanted to beat the OB there, so me and NS left our respective homes about 10:30 ish to make sure we were there in plenty of time.

What I wasn't planning (but should have) is that is, hot, it's Saturday and it's a 'pleasure; ride. So of course it wasn't go to be a fast ride up to Halstead!  When we got to the top, at the roundabout. we had a quick stop for a glug of water and a breather and then we took the second left towards Shoreham.

There were some pretty good down hill sections, which NS was very appreciate off. I just took my brakes off and flew down each one! I almost missed the turning for Shorham! Riding through the village I was trying to remember where we were going to meet the OB. I ended up asking someone (because that what us women do!) and we soon came across the pub. The Old Boy was sitting outside, looking very warm and very thirsty.  "Why you not got a pint in front of you" I said, trying to hide my disappointment that we didn't beat him, although if he doesn't have a pint in front of him, he could only just have got here! "The pub don't open for another 5 mins" he said!!  He had been there for a bout 15 mins!

Here is us at the pub

Lunch over and done with, which was very nice by the way, and we made our way through the village and stopping to take pictures at the river. Here they are, such a lovely pretty place to be.

And now for the 'Duff man' explanation.  You will notice in the top picture of me and Nagging sister that I am wearing a rather fetching 'bum bag'. As we were meeting the OB on route I had to make sure that I was fully 'road worthy' i.e. puncture outfit, tyre levers, and gas pump. Also I had my train ticket and phone and hair brush all packed in there, oh and a lippy of course!  The OB thought I looked like 'Duff man from 'The Simpsons!' So that is what he called me for the rest of the day!

We decided to take NS to Eynsoford Castle as she has never seen it before. So onwards and upwards. It is not that far from where we had stopped actually, and we we there before I even got into full moan mode!  NS took herself for a walk around the castle while me and the OB just stretched out on the grass to wait for her.  The he mentioned next stop for a pint!  "Whey hey," I thought, "The Plough he we come!" But then he said "The Tigers in Chislehurst" Sigh, hills before thrills then!

NS has renamed Crocken Hill Lane, 'Foo King Hill, after we took her up it the first time. When she saw it I could hear her joy as she called out the new name very loudly!  Last time we were on here, NS was well in front of me, and the only way I could get past her was while the OB was giving me a push! But this afternoon, and after a very nice lunch, I managed to pass her. "Bi-atch" she called after me.

But not only that, by the time we got to the bridge over the motorway me and the OB were having to wait for her to get to us. It definitely is working, all this exercise!

We got to Chislehurst to find the pub really busy! No place for us to sit down! But fortunately there are several pubs in this area and we went over to the next one!

After our refreshments we decided to go into Bromley, I desperately need some new summer cycling gear, and there is a bike shop there. Not only that but we can drop NS off en route as she was meeting friends in a couple of hours.  But I wasn't so lucky on the clothing front. We decided to try one more shop. In Hayes!  Of course while we were there, we couldn't help but visit the George for one last drink before we go home.

We noticed that we both only had about 3 miles to go before I reached 30 miles for the day and the OB reaches 60 miles. We headed up towards Keston and then turn to go to Locksbottom. That should do the trick!

So here is my geeky stats, and a few more pictures off our day. The last two is of me and the OB, don't we scrub up well :-)

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