Monday, 21 May 2012

20 miles Spin!

Hello blog lovers.

Serious training again today, although, I wouldn't call last Saturdays ride a walk in the park!  For this week only its a non stopping cycle ride out! Abstaining from alcohol until at least Friday! Lots of prayers needed to keep me out of the pubs!

Todays ride was going up the A21, the Old Boys fav route I think! And then turn right to go to Halstead.  I was thinking, (which I know I shouldn't do) that we were going to go to Biggin Hill. All those lovely down hills. I know there is a long up hill, but some how I seem to manage this ok (ish) maybe its because of the undulating nature of this road. Its not a constant up hill as I have already done. But we didn't go that way, we turned left at the roundabout.

This can only mean one thing! Crittals Corner! It's not my favourite hill.........hmmmm, I have a favourite hill? No, no I don't think I do! But once we get there it was just a short ride to Chislehurst, we used to head for the Tigers Head, with their lovely olives! But for this week it's heading straight for home, and my egg salad dinner, with grapefruit for afterwards.

It was tough going, the Old Boy behind me telling me to keep on going. You can tell I was getting tired. I saw his wheel at the corner of my eye as I looked down, and I yelled at him to get back. By this stage we were heading up the steep bit towards flyover! I am on the path, not the road, and I am wobbling a bit, from side to side. I have this fear that I will crash into anyone next to me! Especially after last year when Big son and me had a crash because I was overtaking him! It hurts!!  "Get back, or get in front" I yelled at him!" And we had this 'conversation', me yelling at him, him not listening and telling me to save my energy for getting up the hill! Both of us talking over one another!  Typical husband and wife double act!

It was a tough ride, did I already say that! From Chislehurst we went directly to Pettswood, and then through the high street and to the local mini-supermarket. We just needed some extra bits for a salad  for when we got home.  This little stop didn't stop the Old Boy from nagging me once we had our shopping. "As fast as you can not Old Girl, till we get home"  I am sure I heard him say, as we were going through the local park, that we were above average mph! I was feeling a little tired, but I dug deep, as the OB kept telling me to do so and rode as fast as I could to get home.

As we were putting the bikes in the back gate, for the first time in ages, the OB says "I think you put in a bit of a effort there Old Girl" High praise indeed!

Now, wheres me dinner?!

oh, yes, geeky stats

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