Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shall We, What the Heck!

Hello blog lovers.

Its wet out there, but its warm! And according to the weathermen, its gonna be raining for quite some time to come, so its either get out or veg! Guess what we did?

So, after the Old Boy showed me how to repair a puncture on my bike. acquired some time on the last bike ride, fortunately at the very end of the ride, because I hadn't noticed until we got home!  We set off for our short ride. 

Now I thought it might be quite cold out, I had my fleece on under my rain coat, and I was quite toasty all wrapped up. The Old Boy did mention something about heading up to the Tigers, but going through Jubilee park first. That only leaves one way up to the Tigers, and that's via Summer Hill!  But then the Old Boy headed towards Bromley instead. So, that's settled then, its The Red Lion!

And I know that we was going to be heading down to Hayes after, and then home. It really is not nice riding in the rain, but at least its not cold as well! In fact, again, I am cycling along feeling very good, feeling happy and smiling! It's great to be able to do this with my Old Boy!

Only cycled for about 8 miles all in all, at a very leisurely pace, I didn't even take my Garmin as this was a total pleasure ride!

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